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Tisha B'av connection - 2015

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Hello everyone and welcome to the Ninth of Av, or Tisha B'av connection. Today is a very special day. Today is the day that according to the Zohar that is considered to be the most negative day of the year. Why? Because 364 days of the year there is some kind of combination between light and darkness The light force, or the Satan. And there is one day in the year that Satan completely controls that day. So that's why it's supposedly the most negative day of the year. But we know in Kabbalah - the more negative, the more positive. So this day can potentially be the most negative. But it can also be the most positive day for mankind. So far, it has been the most negative day and lots of negative events happened on that day. The seed level of the holocaust happened on that day. The spies that came back from Israel with the bad news. And lots of other events, such as the breaking or the destruction of the holy Temple. That happened actually twice exactly on the same day. Hundreds of years apart. Two holy Temples were destroyed. It's not the history that made this day negative. Even though with all the negative things that happened that day, you could say "Oh, that's the most negative day". Because most negatives happened that day. But we know that the effect is not what we want to look at. We want to look at the cause. And the cause is that this day, cosmically, can be potentially the most destructive day because the Satan, the negative force, has the most influence on us. So, we are today in the playing field of Satan. In his home. What does that mean? It means that if we win, if we beat the Satan. the force of darkness, in his hometown, he's going to be destroyed forever. We're going to take the negative force out from the root. We have the opportunity to do it, not like any other day of the year. Our ego, our negative thoughts, our dark side is outside. It's no longer hidden. And we know when he's no longer hidden, you can punch him in the face. Like in the boxing ring, when your enemy is the most exposed, you can give him that knockdown. Now, what do we need to do? And what does that mean? First of all, we're going to do, or not to do, right, those five things that we usually do. That basically are considered to be in these days, in this particular day the five restrictions. We're not going to do anything to do with eating food or drinking water. We're not going to wear leather shoes, not going to put ointments on our body. We're not going to wash in any way. Nothing, just maybe the tips of the fingers. And no sexual intercourse on that day. Why do we disengage from all the pleasures of the body? Because the Satan, the negative force, the ego, is only governed by the forces or by the desires of the body. On that day if, in a way, we starve the Satan. We don't give energy to those five levels. We basically draw light. And there's nothing wrong with doing those things during the week, during the year. But this particular day if we don't give the body any energy, just for the next 24 hours. The Satan will lose a lot of energy. He will not be nourished. On his special day! On his birthday, he's not going to be nourished. He's going to have all of his energy drained to the extent that we starve him. To the extent that we don't give it any energy. That's one way of connecting to that day. Another way of connecting to that day is that tonight, we're going to sit down on the floor. Until tomorrow after midday we're going to... again stand or sit is normal. Why do we sit down on the ground? Because the ground represents that desire for the self alone. And when you sit on that ground, you meditate to ground your desire for the self alone. So it's another way of removing that force of negativity, our ego from our life. In fact, because the Satan is exposed, we can give him that knockout, more than any other day of the year. We have the ability to recognize new levels of ego that hold us back from truly being fulfilled. For every person, it will be something different. You may have jealousy issues, pride, insecurities, fears, negative thoughts, addictions Anything that we have within us, that is holding us back from truly connecting to the life force Today, it will be exposed, and today we can remove it forever That's why the Kabbalists explain that in the Ninth of Av, the birth of Mashiach is going to happen. What do you mean the birth of Mashiach? "Mashiach" or "Messiah" represents that energy of happiness of redemption that we can all connect to. To our own personal redemption from our own negativity, depression, negative thoughts, whatever that is. We can connect to redemption today. And we can bring the global redemption, the final redemption into the world. Such a powerful day that by connecting to that day, we can eliminate negative forces from our life. And we know that the one thought or the one negative consciousness that destroyed those two holy Temples on that day... It wasn't because some kind of enemy came from the outside and destroyed the holy Temple. But it was hatred for no reason that created that darkness. That created that destruction. If we can remove hatred from our own heart, we can remove hatred from the world. Because we all when we get angry or we are upset with somebody or we have some kind of resentment towards somebody Even if it's just for a split second, at that moment we don't like them so much. There is an aspect of hatred Maybe there is a person in our life that we feel this way about. They annoy us. They did something in the past. We have to let go, forgive. Love them, not because they deserve it. Just because we want to remove that force of hatred from our own heart, and remove this hatred from the world. As the Rav explains the only thing that is missing in our world for the final redemption is more human dignity. And us as students of Kabbalah, we need to connect to more human dignity in our own life. Think about how can I give more human dignity to people around me. And awaken my heart and soul to feel the pain of other people and to truly love them in my heart. That's what it means, redemption. God willing, we will all be able to awaken this love and human dignity within us so we can remove the force of darkness from this world forever. Thank you for joining, and have a wonderful evening.

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