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Ivan Montano - Cali, Colombia - Spanish (Global Lives Project, 2013) -15:30:00 - 15:59:59

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Oh, my God. Come on, my friend. Come, come. Stay quiet! Come on! Come on, come on. OK, it's rest time boss. Come on, come. Oh, who did this? Whats up, boss? Taking a walk? —I have already taken it around, man. Now it has to rest. Yeah. You have some of those left, huh. Mr. William. Hello, how are you doing? — How are you? Don't bite me. Don't bite me, big mouth! You left here and you didn't come back, don't you? Come on. Come on, come on! Come here. Why did you stay? Let's leave this withouth the padlock. Whats up, man? Where were you? How did it go? Right or wrong? I'm back. Merceditas. Don't believe me. Do you need me to move? Do you need me to move this? She's here. Ivan. —Ma'am. Don't keep outsiders entertained here any more. Do me the favour. —OK. Cut it out. Don't keep outsiders entertained any more. How rotten is this world nowadays. You can't trust everyone you meet. Rotten. They take any of these fools and rob them of everything. —No! Hey, are you calling me a fool? Hahaha. Come on, slow it down. Make the effort. Whats up, kid? Too hot, huh? —No, no, no. The girls said they were coming back so as to go to the soccer field. Don't keep people entertained any more, mom says. Keeping people entertained. Your mother used to hate that I took her to the living room and sit her there watching TV. What? Paola asked you to go there. OK, now we lock this and leave the horse here. Drink some water, Iván. I don't even know what to do. Quiet! Which photos of yours do I have? Those that they gave you. Paola y Martha want to see them. Come in. There, below that thing of the sound system. Look, below that cover. What happened with the water that was here? This need to be classified. 2471 I got it again. 24. They are coming. Martha and Paola. Where did they go? They were doing some shopping. No, here there isn't any photo for Martha. I'll keep this. I'll keep this one with grandma, too. This one with Paola and grandma, too. Paola will take that one from you. Yeah, you'd better leave this one of me and Martha. Can we leave just this one? Look, look. He barely appears. No, he was inside. Which photo do we give to Martha? This one. We'd better leave this one of the four of us. Yeah? OK? OK. You are in all of them, brother. Who? —You. Oh no, this photo is for Paola. Oh, but she didn't take any photo of herself with the little wheelbarrow. Paola will take this out. Give this one to Paola and give Martha one of you and her. The photo with the little wheelbarrow is for Paola. And this one is for Martha. Which one is for Martha? This one? These two. Or we can give Martha this one. As you wish. I'll take a shower. You are all sweaty and now do you want to take a shower? Too hot because of the sun but... Are you going? Huh? —Are you going there? Where? —To Liliana's. As soon as they come here. I'll close the door. The ladder is outside, look. Anyway, the tire didn't work. It didn't work. Claudia, you don't have any children, do you? Hahaha, and she had to ask her. She's making fun of you. Right, Claudia? And now? —Huh? And what about now? I'm heading there right now. Which of these photos are you giving to Marthica? Have you seen the photos they shoot? Look. You are here. Here, it is me and you. Here, you and Paola. We can give this one to Paola. Yes or no? Is she asking for it? No. I haven't show them to her yet but I will. Or we can give Martha this one. Liliana's one. Oh no, you are not in this one. The three of them are in this one. Or we can give Paola this one. Let's give Paola a good one. This one? That is the one of the wheelbarrow. Ivan, isnt it true that this guy got his trousers tore when he fall in the field? Here is the horse. —They will bring some jogging trousers to fix them with the sewing machine. She will pay for it. We'll sew it! Ready. She'll phone someone to get the jogging trousers. Come here. —Huh? Why don't you borrow her the new jogging tousers of mine? The ones I keep. No, they are already bringing ones. And what for? In order to sew the trousers. —Don't stop it here. Don't stop people here.

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Duration: 29 minutes and 59 seconds
Country: Colombia
Producer: Claudia Quigua
Views: 68
Posted by: globallives on Sep 30, 2013

Ivan trains his horse at the park and returns home. He meets with his brother Dario and talks to his mother Raquel, who is annoyed by the cameras.

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