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Ryūsei (流星) performed by Bandō Kotoji - first half

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From amidst the piled up, dark clouds a voice: "Attention!" "Attention! Attention!" That voice, a veritable Takashimaya, it is the lively Ryūsei, the shooting star. Born into this material world, prepared for love with his wrap stripped off, ready for bed, naked in the evening breeze. Ah, ah, ah... achoo! Somebody's spreading rumors about me. The bastard! And from the darkness feet bare as the sky he comes rushing in. "What is going on?" "Here's the thing. Hear me out here, hear me three hears, or heres, makes three. Usually peeping toms and monsters are creatures of the middle of the night. But in the evening as I was dozing off unexpectedly some thunder gods in the same row house are having a domestic quarrel. What an uproar. It seems the husband this summer fell down to earth at the residence of a teacher of the ha-uta ditties that have been so popular. He was not knocked out, but since he lost his essential cloud, there he remained. And the ha-uta songs he heard there stuck with him even when he returned above. And now he is in the habit when he rumbles to go: [ha-uta] When thinking of Komachi, the sunny day clouds over. The tears of Guard Captain Shi-i rain down. [end] rumble, rumble rumble, rumble eeh... rumble, rumble, rumble. Hearing this his wife gets fed up. Well, really! Are you going to rumble like that? Rumble like that and you'll be ridiculed as a mere belly grumbling. If you're going to rumble, do it loudly. Rumble, rumble, pika, pika. Rumble, rumble, pika, pika. Rumble rum, rumble rum, rumble rum, rumble rum rumble rum, rumble rum, smash! It has to sound good like this. But the husband gets angry at this and says That's just ancient thundering. One doesn't have to rumble loudly. Rumbling with a stylish ha-uta ditty is the way these days. And if you don't like it... Then get out!

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Duration: 12 minutes and 25 seconds
Country: United States
Language: Japanese
Genre: None
Producer: Global Performing Arts Consortium (GloPAC)
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Posted by: glopacadmin on Jan 21, 2011

First half of kabuki dance piece Ryūsei.

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