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Competing in Business with Integrity. Sadhguru

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_ _ _ _ _ don't want to get left behind what, what happens why? see now, now you get into a race. okay? you got into a running race you have only two legs you run at a certain speed there is somebody else who has four legs runs much faster than you but he's using his four legs against your two legs. so he is running ahead of you but by running with four legs he makes himself into a donkey isn't it? now you want to maintain your human nature and still do business. business is your survival. yes? survival you do to the extent that you have to do but being human is an important objective in your life is it or isn't it? most people don't think so their survival has taken them to a place where they are willing to be like wild animals. yes? isn't it so? their longing for survival they are becoming like wild animals now for you if it is important that you have to maintain your humanity and still do business. there are ways to do it maybe the four-legged man will run faster a little faster but still it doesn't matter you can go at your pace. isn't it? maybe you can't do business like somebody else but you can do your business of course you have to safeguard yourself the four-legged man wants to run all over you you have to safeguard yourself, some...sometimes you have to do something to him to keep him off you whatever is needed, action is needed in the world, you have to do isn't it but still not losing your humanity you can do it, isn't it just because the situations become little difficult we don't have to forsake our humanity and do something not necessary but current realities are there which you cannot ignore hundred percent there is corruption there are difficult situations there are some places where there is no other option yes. all these things are there isn't it see, people may talk moralistically but if you look at life realities people who are into action there are so many problems on a day-to-day basis so those things have to be handled the way it works in the society in the present society that you live in we would like to create an ideal society tomorrow that's another aspect but if you want to do work today you must do it the way it works see for example initially we started these yoga programmes in villages we said no caste, no creed, no nothing everybody has to sit together we forced this upon people initially they resisted and then we said no you have to do it no caste creed. everybody has to sit together then we found next time you go you don't have any place for you to do your yoga because after the previous class there's a whole meetings gone on in the village they said from where the hell these people came and thousand years we have had this caste system how can they take it away not possible don't allow them to do any yoga so no yoga in our village they said then i saw what's the point it's a few thousand year old problem you are not going to solve it overnight now we said okay high caste one program, low caste another program but the nature of the program is such that if you go through it slowly your distinctions about caste in your mind will at least come down, maybe not go at least come down. but we said games you play together once they play the game together they forgot which caste is who. you know see suppose there is a volleyball team in your village and one harijan boy is playing extremely well he becomes everybody's darling. isn't it see this has happened in a very big way in the united states the black people no matter what laws were passed laws were about equality but people kept the segregation going only when the black people got into the sport they became champions and champions in everything because of their physique or whatever now you hate the black people but you got Michael jordan's poster in your house you can't help it so you have to work some other way given to my way of looking at life I wouldn't want this caste and that caste to sit separately. I don't want it but now I allow it I said it's okay if you go head on nothing will happen it's okay, you work with them if you want them to come your way you must be willing to walk at least three steps with them then they'll come your way. right now if you say you come my way I am not going to come your way they're not going to move you are not going to move the situation with just remain the same so how to work in the society we have to see but still we don't give up what we want. isn't it? what's valuable for us, we are not going to give it up but we have to work with the society and social 0:07:29.909,0:07:31.710 realities as it is you can't ignore it

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 11, 2010 A seeker asks Sadhguru about doing business with integrity without feeling left behind. (SaO26)

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