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Film genres have a lot of influence in our society So there are festivals that are specified in a genre. Two months ago we went to Sitges Festival

and in Independent Film Festival of Barcelona to know the gratifications of the audience of those festivals. I am a biggest fan of horror films and fantastic films And I...It's my first time this year but Well... I think I came because of horror films I want it to try for the first time If I'm from Barcelona and I had never been here I said okey let’s go this is the year. Well all of our group are very fun of this kind of movies so the last 6 years we are coming every day, every year to see this marathon. It's 10 hours of, yeah... 10 hours of movies We start at 3 p.m. more or less and it's finish in the midnight so it's 10 hours of watching all kind of movies. I have came here with my family, with my two kids to see this film festival for children because I like them to see other kind of drawings and animations that are a bit alternative that you see in television or disney productions so they can see other ways of making films for children. In fact that this year, I don't know if they have it last year but they’ve got a kids section where I can bring my son and he can learn about stop motion and things like that. I came because I am studying cinema So... I think that it’s interesting to go and see what is happening in cinema world. I’m here because I live in Barcelona and I like to attend different kind of events and especially that one because I have children and I think it’s very positive for the kids to attend this kind of events. Because horror… it’s unic I think And it makes me nervous makes me feel like... like... creepy And I love it. Here you can see different kind of movies you can see... ...Thriller... ...Terror... ...Gore... ...Zombie once...'s depends of the year You see, when we bought the tickets we don't know which movies we are expected to see so it's like... ... depends of each... I've come 6 years ago... ...and I think every year I only see one terror movie. So it's depends of the year. I’ve enjoyed the festival of ‘’L’alternativa’’ as myself from an alternative musician so It’s been very interesting. But I think they have some interesting things here… And... I think this... helps me to grow up in my personal and artistic life. With this experience, we realised that people who go to those festivals want to satisfied themselves and discover more about this world. In the case of the Independent Festival of Barcelona most of the people that go there want to discover different films that are less recognized in the cinematographic industry. People that go to Sitges festival is for enjoying the full days watching this kind of films that only happens once a year because they are very fans of it.

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