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Stanford Prison Experiment

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You know, looking at this reminds me of the Stanford Prison Experiment which I did a number of years ago In many ways, it's very similar. In 1971, Philip Zimbardo conducted a revolutionary experiment here in the bowels of Stanford University. It rocked the world of psychology. A group of students were divided randomly into prisoners and guards and forced to live in a makeshift jail. The prisoners immediately became submissive. And the guards became cruel. We analyze the behavior of each of the group, each of the individuals and by the end of the week they were totally different creatures. Dave Eshelman was 17 at the time of the experiment. He was to become the ringleader of the guards showing the cruelest and most sadistic behavior. (Guard speaking) During the experiment there was never time that I felt guilty about what I was doing. Afterwards on reflection then certainly but I think I was so deeply into my character at the time that it never crossed my mind that I was doing anything harmful Within a week, Philip Zimbardo Prison had become inhumane And the experiment had to be cut short At one point prisoner 416 tried to stage his own rebellion. There was one prisoner that decided they would go on a hunger strike and he wasn't going to eat So we withheld food from the rest of them We decided that we would throw this hunger-striker into the closet And then smack the door as hard as we could to, you know let the other prisoners know that they were being punished because of what this prisoner had done I was surprised at how easy it was to intimidate them And to break down their resolve And to upset their solidarity that they had with each other We were able to pretty much isolate each one of them so they felt that they could not rely on their fellow prisoners Ultimately 416 fellow prisoners turned on him They were given a chance to release him (Guard speaking) Now what will it be? What will it be over here? But they voted it to leave him in there (Guard speaking) 416 you gonna be in there for a while so just get used to it he it totally rejected not only by the guards but by his other group of prisoners and it had a very powerful profound effect on him

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Stanford Prison Experiment carried out by Dr. Zimbardo at Stanford University in the USA in 1971

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