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Nigel Farage's First Speech

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European Parliament, Strasbourg 1999 Mr President, let me say right from the outset that the UK Independence Party, my party, the members of which were so often dismissed as Little Englanders, totally deplore the outbreaks of petty nationalism in the UK and France over this beef issue. However, I find it ironic that the EU institutions which introduced the ban on British beef exports in 1996 and which exist to promote the unity and cooperation of European nations have, by their original actions, created a political situation which has directly led to this disharmony. My party which has a clear election manifesto to seek Britain's withdrawal from the EU notes that if the Commission had not interfered in the first place back in 1996, individual nations would have been able to decide whether or not to buy British beef. At that time, a number of countries, particularly South Africa and Botswana were willing to continue to buy British produce. Without the EU ban, Britain would have been free to exploit alternative markets and this crisis would not have arisen. Now we have a classic demonstration that membership of the EU is bad for British business, it affirms my belief that it's about time that my own party recognised that our interests are best served by not being a member of this club. Most people in the UK thought we joined a free-trade area. But this crisis demonstrates it is anything but that. While the UK has abode EU law to the letter, other countries are running a cart and horse through the rulebook. The level playing field is about as level as the decks of a Titanic after it hit the iceberg. Thus, while I wish the Commissioner well in his endeavours, I'm afraid that whatever he does it will not be good enough. I, for one, will be urging my own government to leave this club and to re-join the real trading world. Thank you. :: ::

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Posted by: mmister on Mar 9, 2012

Nigel Farage's maiden speech in the Europarlament, on British Beef. Farage has represented the South East on England since 1999.

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