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Edith Kaphuka - Ngwale Village, Malawi - Nyanja (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~14:01:21 - 14:16:22

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-No, I will. -Edith, kick it! -I threw it! -You're just being silly. -I just ululated. -Did you? -Yes I did! -Simeon! -Get him! You're silly! Let me throw it. You guys aren't doing anything. Someone should stand there! Hey, stand over there. Memory, stand behind me. -Or behind Charles? - No, kick it wherever you want. -That's cheating. -Is it? -Hey Memory! -Memory! -Charles is here. -So? -Come and stand on this side. On this side. -I've run away. Then you should start all over again with the P's. That's one P. -Two P, three P. -What? Yes! You stepped out! Hey, stand over there. Noel, stand there. -I'm tired. -Look, he's refusing to stand over there. He says, "He's quit." -He says he quit. -Why? -Because he wants to watch us on the camera screen. -I see! -I dare you to look at the camera screen, I'll slap you hard. Hilda, you're short. I've been telling you to get tall. -She can't see? -Yes. -You want her to get tall? -Yeah, so she can see what's on the camera screen. -Get him! -Charles! Charles! -You didn't get me! Hey Simeon, weren't you telling me not to run after throwing the ball like this? -I thought... Did they throw the ball already? -No! Hey! Go stand over there. There! Seriously Charles, you dropped the ball. No! Yeah! We're back in the game! -You said we wouldn't score. We did it! -God is great! -Sunganani! -Are you getting the ball for us? Sunganani! -Just a minute. -Memory, you're going to be out of the game. You're out! -No! I don't think so. Joseph, I'm going to throw a hard ball like I did at Ntunda. -What if we find snake eggs here? -Excuse me! -Run! -Can't you see the ball? -What do you mean? -I quit, guys. -What are you talking about? -I said I quit! -It came from my mouth. -Just because I didn't give you the ball? -Guys, I'm done. -It's my ball. -If you want to cheat in this game then I quit. -Ok then. -Let's play jump rope. I'll be number one. -Two! That's not fair! You've been first all this time. I'll be first this time. But it all depends on how clever you are. -Come on, Memory! -Hey Memory! Simeon's got the ball, he's running! There he is! Simeon's dancing! Let me join in. Come and join, Flo, it's fun. -Look! The camera made Edith's head look big. -Ok, let's play ball. Edith, the camera also makes you look fatter. Edith, get in! Let's play football. -Get in! -I'd rather play handball. -No, let's play jump rope instead. Edith, I'm heading home. Let's play jump rope. -Let's watch it. -Memory, come on. -Who's first? - She's first, Simeon's second. -No, I said I'm first. You were there... Weren't you listening when we were calling out numbers? -No, I wasn't. -Frasier's posing for the camera. You don't have a jersey. -Guys, I mean the better rope! -This is it. -Is that it? 1, 2, 3, C, begin... 3, C, begin! -Go swing that side. Then you'll get in. -Is that you, Noel? I'll smack you. -So you don't want to swing the rope. -Fine, I'll do it. If you want to join, come and hold this side. 1, 2, 3, C, 3, 3, C, begin... "Little bicycle!" Don't get out, don't get out, don't get out... -Edith, don't do it. -Not all of it. -Edith let's not get out. -No, we have to. How can you catch your breath? How can you keep on jumping the whole time? 1, 2, 3. Please don't start too fast! 3, C, 3, C... 3, C, 3, C, 3, C. -Let's do "little bicycle." -No, I want to play "little snake" first. He doesn't even know the game, "snakes here, snakes there". -Right? -Let me play "little snake" first. -I'd rather play dodgeball. -Not me. -You just want to dominate the camera. -You don't have a jersey. -What did she say? I don't have what? -She said you don't have a jersey. -What does that mean? -It means you don't have your game uniform on. [Calling] -Someone's calling you. -Edith! -Ok... -Hilda's crying. Can't you see that Hilda's crying? -Yes! -Someone's saying "Edith!" -You're hearing things. -I didn't hear anything. -Frasier, what are you doing with that kid? -He hit her... He said it's because Hilda hit him. Ok, let's continue. Frasier, pull that end. -Pull tight? -Come on then. -Ok, swing "little bicycle." -Hey! Don't swing that fast. -We're doing the "little bicycle." -But not too fast though. -I'm also getting in. -I'd rather play dodgeball. -I'm getting in as well. -Whoever's on my team will be first. -Ok, let's do it! [Song] "Sonso, Sonso stole chocolate. Sadly, sadly the police caught him." Pick the bottle, please. -Where's the bottle? -It's my turn. It's mine. Just do it! -I just cut in front and you want to do the same? -Don't cut in front. Start from this side. -You don't know. -Yes, I do. -You just smeared yourself with stinky stuff. -Let's continue. P one, let's start on this side! This side! Ok, let's do it! You don't know how to swing rope. -It's the rope's fault. -It's all tangled up, right? -Let's continue. Yes! Isn't this the sick child? Let's take him to the hospital. Hospital, hospital, hospital... -Are you not playing, Mila? -Where are the bottles? -He went to find them. -Simeon? -We can even use cans. -No. -If we use cans, then we've got to fill them up hundreds of times. -Are you watching? It'll be girls versus boys. Don't we only have Simeon and Charles for boys? -Let's not agree to it. -I thought it was only me and Simeon? The boys will make a stronger team than us. -Now we can see you. -The bottle is on it's way. We have to partner up a boy and a girl. -A mahewu bottle. -How many? -One! Ok, then we have to fill it 5 times. 20 times. No, 15 times. No, 10 times. Yeah, 10 times. Who's bringing it? Simeon. -Should I cut the rope? -No, don't cut it. -Let's fill these 2 bottles 5 times. -Not 5 times. 10, 4 ... -10 times. -Not the boys... -I can see, Memory. [Looking at the camera screen.] -I can see Memory. -Memory! Memory! I already said it. I thought I said I'll be first? It's all the same if I'm with Memory, it's the same. -Ok, Simeon, we're a team. -We'll be first. -Memory's good at it. -So what! Aren't you good yourself? -We'll be first. -Are you putting... Edith, are you going to take first position in every game? -How come you're claiming first position in everything we suggest, Edith? -Exactly. For once, let me be first. -Should I begin? -No! Wait a minute. -Memory! Take your position. -How about you? -Lindiwe, move please. -Lindiwe, be quiet please. I hear someone calling. -Lindiwe, be quiet! -Edith! -I told you someone was calling. -Yes! -I gotta go. -Let's continue the game at home. Simeon, are we heading up? I thought you were leaving? -Let's go to Edith's house. -Let's go. -Simeon, I'll go up with you. -Ok! -You have to see my little car first. -Let me help fill the bottles with dirt. -Yes, Noel. [Laughing] -Yes, we've filled them! Guys, that's a lot of dirt. It's crazy! Oh no! Look at Silaju! -He looks dirtier than before, right? -Yep. Please! Don't make me slap you. Leave me alone. -Can I have that please? I'm done. -The book! Pick it up. You should see it walking. Is there peace? -Should I go grab the tripod? -What? -The tripod. They left it behind the house. -I thought I'd grabbed it. -Hilda, did they tell you to bring it over? -Let's go. -They forgot it behind the house. -Edith's drinking water. -Let's go. -It's so dusty. -What? -They use it like this. -I thought we were leaving? -Simeon, are you coming? -Let's go. -Yes, let's go. -Is that it? Edith! Edith! -They're calling you. -What did they say? -She's refusing. -They're calling you. -Bring the tripod. They want to put it away. -They want you over there. I don't think so! -Are you just going to be wandering around? -Let's go. What's that? -Is that for hearing? That thing deafens your ears. It makes a lot of noise when they try to speak. I should just fix it this evening. You're staying in front to be filmed. Saliju will be seen. He'll be all alone. My tummy hurts. I'm too full. -Simeon, where are the notebooks! -I'm coming! - He's bringing them. -Don't forget the pen, Simeon! -The pen? -Yes! -Look at Frasier's teeth! -He's showing all his teeth and his gums! Hey Scout, don't mess with me, ok? -Frasier, you're hurting me. -Are you going to mess with me again? -Let me taste this. -The berries? -Yeah, the berries. -Leave me alone Frasier! -You're silly. -Memory, did you grab the other rope? -Oops! I forgot. -Noel, you're something else. -Yes! Do you still want to play jump rope? -They want you to play toss. -Who's saying that? -They want you to play toss. -Oh please! -Come on. -Just do it. -Just sit and play. -Yes! I'll go first. I don't know how to play pebble toss. -Oh please! -Edith, don't start playing up! -Don't you know how to play? Find your own, Edith. -What? -I'll go first -No! I will go first! -Are you starting? -Sit down, everyone. -Simeon, what?

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