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HOM 12 - Mankind is the Secret that will change the History of the Future

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: History of Mankind 12 - The Secret of Man (Jack) Ok this is Jack again and I was just, describing the 'form' So, the physical human form, the- the vessel itself was designed in the, image and likeness of earth itself Ok it had it's core, which is the skeleton and it had it's form with that which- 'forms it' which was of that which- 'the earth consisted of' so they basically took the "essence" of earth, and that's what they were able to do as well they were able to 'remove' the essences of, that which existed basically that's how the- Atlanteans, designed the different expressions of themselves, and they didn't "die" was they removed the essence of themselves, and from there they started developing so that's how, the form was that- the form was really the manifest, from the image and likeness of earth (laugh) Now! the Sirians placed these systems was inside the physical human form 'the vessel' it wasn't called the physical human form but I'm in use that terminology because you're then able to understand what I am speaking of the physical human form they had now that and so Anu went: Ok! that's now it! you know, that's "all" that's needed! and he looks at this and he says: Ok so, go in let's see! he goes in, and says: Ok! now this works! so he starts walking, inside this form and he's able to do it because of that center point, and he started 'moving' and he went: Ok! that's it! this is all in one! this is perfect! this is done the Sirians went: No you know, can't be, there has to be something "missing" and now there was still not organs yet (smile) remember this there wasn't blood flow or- or things like that, that will come later so Anu says: No, I am satisfied with this, all I need is all I need to dig up, 'the gold' let me just move, yah, let's starts- doing all that don't get tired, it's all I need so, the Sirans said: Ok, but they like a a- what do they would call it? 'a meeting' with Anu, and Annunaki race So Anu said: Ok, let's let's "do that" and, Serpents later on, started hearing of- "Anu's form" and- and how he's manifesting himself and that was actually, the desire for many beings at that time because it was fascinating that's just- "cool" so the Sirians, Anu and the Serpents came together and, they had this huge to get- 'together' in in- in the yah in Anu's planet now this time Anu's planet was thriving, beautiful many beings, 'gold', all gold and so he because of all the gold he got from earth of course but, he- this form that I was explaining about, now that it was forming was for 'a later stage' if they could not obtain the gold, anymore, interdimensionally because this planet would start manifesting so he started speaking to the Sirians, and the Serpents about: What is going on? he needed gold, to be able to survive and- the Atlanteans won't have them "stayed" there, actually manifest there and- and actually maybe do that, get that you developed this 'form' to- get the gold out that's all- I may do still, at the moment but I still have a problem, it's not going to solve the "problem" I need to actually inhabit this planet I need to inhabit it because, otherwise I wouldn't "survive", anymore otherwise the gold will become- solid, and I won't- be able to exist anymore so the Serpents of course, suggested something interesting they said to Anu: Ok Anu Why don't you take over the planet? you require something, that powers that form, why not just do the Atlanteans? now Anu! at that time, 'was skittish' he wasn't you know, he was like a a serious playful boy, to a certain extent because he was reasonably young then you know young, in terms of- 'time age' if you want to call it that in terms of he experience of himself in existence, he was young and, Anu was like: I can't do that (no) I can't (no) because the Atlanteans were 'free giving' they said I may have 'that gold' to sustain myself why do I want to cause this in existence when everyone is seeming 'fine'! all I'm doing is manifest it to be able to survive that's it! that's all I am doing I just need to survive and I am sure I can figure out 'an agreement' with the 'Atlanteans' so I may inhabit the 'planet' and if I'm able to exist in their ocean, because now the ocean, in terms of- it's the water that's manifested sound, they didn't necessary move on land the Atlanteans, they didn't actually at all, sometimes and the Atlanteans wanted to manifest themselves, as well so an interesting suggestion came forth, from Anu to the Atlanteans now after the- the Sirians and the Serpents, and Anu at that meeting the Sirians said- No, the Serpents said to Anu: If you don't do it, we'll do it! we'll take over the planet and this frightened Anu, so Anu went to the- Atlanteans, and he said to them: Listen This is what's going on he talked them straight- you know he said to them: The Serpents wanted to 'take over' your planet as a manifested 'form', because they want to manifest as well and, they don't give- they don't actually care about me, having to survive, to require the gold or even about 'you' what they- care about, is obviously themselves and what that's what they are, they are fucking- 'mean' beings and the Atlanteans said: Well let them come, they- they're not going to take over this planet this is this planet is "ours", it's who we are, it's an expression of ourselves we invited you, and we said we we- were aware that you required gold to survive, and that's what we did and "that's all you need" they said: Anu if it comes to that, if this world manifest, such an extent we can't get gold we will make a plan, there must be a way that- it can still maintain, interdimensional ability and, Anu said: No, it won't! I guarantee that this world is going- this 'planet' is going to 'manifest' and "we're not" going to have access, if we don't get this- 'form' manifested 'with this earth' as soon as possible! and the Atlanteans 'saw' into it, I mean they- they looked at it and they realized, you know they- "aren't" manifesting "with" this planet they're still- very much! interdimensional, and they are starting to "lose" what they had in terms of that- that, as I said they- they did stand on this planet you know, because of the gravity but they didn't manifest "as and with" the planet which is a problem ok this is Jack, I will continue in my next interview thank you Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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History of Man 12 - Mankind is the Secret that will change the History of the Future

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