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{\fad(500,500)}Fly A tall, tall wall looms in front of me. What's the view on the other side? What does it look like? The view from the top... it's a view I could never see on my own. But... If I'm not doing it alone... I just might be able to see it. {\fad(190,1)}Haikyu!! {\fad(487,1)}Episode 1 Let's Go To Tokyo!! Nice receive! Nice receive! Here it comes... All right! Here I go! Yeah! Whoo! Wh-Whoo... Get used to it already. Daichi-san, nice serve! Got it! Left! Asahi likes his tosses a little... higher. Chance ball! Got it! It's coming again. It's funny how you keep falling for that. What'd you say?! Now, now... Nice serve! I just can't get it. Which will it be this time? Gah! Was that Rolling Thunder?! Yeah! Rolling... Thunder! Sorry! I was completely open! All right! Let's change things up! Yeah! Nice serve, Yamaguchi! Hinata! We're gonna stop it! Nice cover! Red White All right. That's enough for today. Let us play one more set, please! Huh? Please! Guys, playing until you drop isn't the answer. Captain, you need to tell these guys― You guys... Miyazaki Prefecture Karasuno High School Red White I haven't practiced hitting enough... Not yet. Kageyama! You can still go, right? Give me some tosses! Right. You guys are still gonna practice? Hey! We've still got to clean up, so that's enough for today! Right... Ow, ow! Hey, Nishinoya! Ow! I can't count on the neighborhood association being able to show up. What should I do? Sensei? Take-chan? You okay? W-We're going, right? Where? Your nose is bleeding! Tokyo! Tokyo? Tokyo? You mean... Volleyball Team (Boys) Nekoma?! Gross! Tissue! A practice match? Yeah! But it won't just be Nekoma this time. The Fukurodani Academy Group. It's a group of schools from the Kanto region that includes Nekoma. Apparently, they hold practice matches all the time. This time, because of Coach Nekomata, Karasuno will also be able to participate in their practice matches. Groups like that are created through relationships built up over years, so it's not easy to get in without connections. We've got to make sure to thank Coach Nekomata. And Sensei, too, who I'm sure kept persistently asking him. No, I didn't, really... Your name helped a lot, Coach Ukai. Thank you! Over the years, we've lost our connections with other schools in the prefecture that we were once close with. There are many schools where the coaches that were once close to the former Coach Ukai are now gone. We shouldn't miss this chance! Yeah! I'm going to be able to see that set up in person again. Maybe I caught a cold... I'm getting chills. Hey! We're right before a match! This time, I'm going to protect us 'til we win! Yeah... It might actually be a little cold today. You, too, Yaku-san?! We're gonna take down that City Boy Alliance! City Boy... ...Alliance? I'm feeling hot! I'm burning up! Yamamoto, shut up. This time, I'm going to break through for sure! Um, the only thing is, their prelims for the Inter-High start this weekend, so it won't be right away. Also, at this point, we've only received the invitation. There are some agreements we have to work out, but I'll tell you all about the details another time. But it seems that all of you are... Of course! We'll go! I've got a staff meeting, so I've got to get going. Ukai-kun, I'll leave the rest to you. Sure. Thank you! It's going to get busy. Yeah. You'll be busy, too, Shimizu. This'll be your first long trip with us. I'll do my best, too. Come on! Hurry and clean up, then go home! Right! Thanks for the food! I wonder who it is. Maybe she's a third-year. So pretty... What? What's happening? Shimizu-senpai! Hinata knows the hot third-year?! Wh-What are you doing h-here... Hey, Hinata? Do you know any first-years who aren't in a club? Aoba Johsai High School Oikawa's featured in {\i1}Monthly Volleyball{\i0}, and it even has his picture. Well, he's good enough to play in a national league. So, what does it say? Um... "Oikawa's favorite food is milk bread. His favorite saying is, 'If you're going to hit it, hit it until it breaks.'" What the hell is that? Who cares? That's completely useless! Third-Years Remain to Take Down Shiratorizawa Come on and bring it, Seijoh! Bring it! Hey! You're gonna rip it! For crying out loud... {\fad(1,1500)}The Reigning Champions of Tohoku Japan? Hey! Get out here already. We're going for a run. Hey... Ushiwaka's in the Youth World. What? Youth World? Simply put, he's representing Japan in the under 19 age group. Only one high school can represent Miyagi in the spring tournament. For us to go to nationals, we'll have to defeat Ushiwaka and Oikawa. All right! Let's go running! Right! Faculty Room Quiz Name: Tanaka Ryunosuke Year 2 Class 1 This is reality. I need to accept it, and think rationally... It'll be okay. Those kids have plenty of guts, so they'll be able to do this. They can do it if they try. They can do it if— They can do it if they try. They can do it if they try. Here we are. Karasuno's famous Heartbreak Hill. All right! Ten dashes uphill to the halfway mark! Two at a time! Ready... Ready... Tsukishima! Run like you mean it! Ready... Ready... Ready... Hey, good job, Tsukishima. Hey! Where are you guys going?! Pretty sure we can just let them go. Nitwit. Nitwit. Ntwit. No one's behind us. You totally went the wrong way somewhere, didn't you? That'd be you, dumbass! Where are we? Wakano 3-chome? Isn't Wakano near Shiratorizawa? Shiratorizawa? You mean Ushiwaka's school? Did you need something from me? Japan! Japan! If you don't need anything, I'll be leaving. We came from Karasuno! Would you mind if we did some recon at Shiratorizawa? Is he serious?! Aren't you supposed to recon in secret? Karasuno... The team that uses that weird quick attack? Do as you like. No matter what your abilities may be, we won't get weaker just because you watched us. I'm heading back to school now. If you want to look, follow me. If you can keep up. Of course we're going. We're going to defeat you at the spring tournament. Of course we'll watch. Yeah. Are you out doing roadwork by yourself? Everyone else is just slow. They're back there somewhere. Kageyama! Don't you dare get a head start! You're just slow! As expected, he runs at a fast pace. Holy crap! I'm super excited! Whoo! Calm down, dumbass! Are you a dog? Are you out for your first walk, you idiot?! Shiratorizawa Academy It's so big! Their school building looks so cool! It looks like a hotel! What's with this super-huge athletic field?! Management Center Parking Lot Kageyama! Horses! They have horses! The volleyball team has its own bus! Hey. Don't get lost. I won't! We've lost sight of Ushiwaka-san! Then we're lost! This looks like it might be the volleyball team's gym... Yeah. Hey, can you see Ushiwaka? Shut up! Don't push! Huh? Isn't that another school? Is it a practice match? Who are they playing? Aren't those college students? College?! Well, no other high school in the prefecture stands a chance against Shiratorizawa. They'd have to go out of the prefecture or have a college team come in for it to even count as practice. Curse you, Japan! Took you long enough. I'm Kageyama from Karasuno High. Would you mind if I had a look? Kageyama... From Kitagawa-Daiichi. Yes. I applied for this school, but wasn't accepted. That's not surprising. I remember seeing one of your matches from junior high. We don't need a setter who can't serve the ace at this school. True. You're not really one to serve anyone. What?! But that goes the same for the Great King, too. He is the top setter in the prefecture, after all. Oikawa-san has nothing to do with this! Oikawa... He is an efficient player. He should have come to our school. Are you saying that Oikawa-san would have been able to serve you? No matter where he is, Oikawa is a setter that can bring the absolute best out of his team. If the team's absolute best is still weak, there's nothing more to be done. If it's strong, he'll make it as strong as possible. That is his ability. A sapling must have good soil in order to grow strong. Infertile soil will not bring forth splendid fruit. Infertile soil? What do you mean? Other than Oikawa, everyone at Aoba Johsai is weak. That's what I mean. Weak... If Seijoh is infertile soil, are we concrete or something? He's usually pretty scared of strong players he's meeting for the first time. I apologize if I hit a nerve, but words from someone who lost to Aoba Johsai and couldn't even stay in the prefectural finals mean nothing to me. He... I'm Hinata Shoyo, from the concrete. I'm going to beat you, and go to nationals. Hey, are you from another school? You're not allowed to be here. Thank you for showing us around. We'll be going now. Um... If Oikawa-san is the best setter in the prefecture, I'm the one who is going to surpass him. If you'll excuse me. Stamina, speed, acceleration, vertical jumps, fighting spirit... Hinata Shoyo. Kageyama Tobio. Well, in truth, we are a team that couldn't beat Seijoh, who in turn couldn't beat Shiratorizawa. That doesn't matter, as long as we beat both of them. We seem to be on the same page. That's why we're going to Tokyo. It's best to go up against strong guys if you want to get stronger. Ahem... As for our series of away games in Tokyo, for the time being, it's planned for next month. Because they are away games, we will need permission from your parents or guardians, so I'll hand out those forms later. We also have tentative consent from the school, as well. However, as you are aware, you have final exams starting next month. Right? So, I think you know what I'm getting at, but if you fail any subjects, supplementary classes will be held that weekend. Which means you won't be able to go to the away games. What happens if we skip our final exams? Supplementary exams. Then what happens if you skip those? Supplementary exams for the supplementary exams? I know! We'll just take the tests after the away games! If you try to feign being sick, you won't be able to go to the away games, either. You have my condolences. Next time on {\i1}Haikyu!!{\i0}: "Direct Sunlight."

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