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♪ music playing ♪ [7x7 Experience] [The Home Screen] >>Knowing how the Uber partner app works is vital to our ability to deliver a great experience for our riders. So let's go through the partner app and some of the options available to us. When you first sign into the Uber partner app, you'll see what's called your home screen, which will show you a map of your current location. On the upper left of the screen, there's a magnifying glass. You can use this to set a destination when you're driving. For example, if you only want to accept trips heading to the airport, you can set your destinations as the airport. You can even set a time you'd like to arrive, so if your ubering on your way to pick up a friend or family member, you can arrive there on time. If there is a lot of rider demand in your area, though, this feature may not be available. In the top center of the screen it will show you the amount you've earned so far that day. If you select it, you can see a summary of your most recent trip. This includes an option to report any trip issues. Just select the question mark in the upper right of the box. You can the swipe right, and you'll see the number of trips you've completed that day, with a link to your weekly summary. If you swipe right one more time, you'll see any quest goals available in your area, including an option to see more details. If you don't want the amount earned to be visible, you can select the eye symbol in the upper left of the box. With the earnings box closed, you can see the tiny picture of your face in the upper right. This button will lead you to the driver options, like your profile, your earnings, and your app settings. On the bottom left, you can see the shield icon. This is for the safety options So you can share the trip with someone you trust. or you can contact the authorities in an emergency. When you're offline, there's the option to go online. If you select the go button, you will go online and you will be available for trip requests. the white bar on the bottom of the screen will indicate if you're offline or online, so you don't need to worry about your status. If you select that white bar on the bottom, you will see your trip planner. When you're offline or between trips, the trip planner shows you the hourly trends in your area, and gives you the option to see upcoming promotions and driving time. If you are on a trip, the trip planner shows you the upcoming steps of your current trip. There's also the option to stop new requests, which will allow you to go offline after this trip is over. You can also access the waybill for your current trip by using the trip planner. The app updates regularly, and most of the updates are minor changes, but some updates make major changes in how we interact with the partner app and our riders. So it's important to pay attention to the app and be adaptable. ♪ music playing ♪ [THE HOME SCREEN] [REVIEW] [The home screen can show you boost pricing, quest goals, and traffic depending on your area.] [The magnifying glass lets you set a destination.] [The magnifying glass lets you see a destination.] ♪ music playing ♪

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