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Calm down, now, calm down! Come on! Sir? I'm busy, dont you see! Oh, What do you need? To let pass to A-38 There. Go! There are people that work here. hysterical laughter "Hail, Emperor, those who are about to die salute you" swords clashing whispering Yes, Caesar, they succeeded, even this test! Not even Hercules himself could have done it! Hmm, I must admit they are amazing, but they are not in Rome yet. I have reserved some treats for them. Go, you can rest asure. For Mercury, it is impossible for a little Gallic village ... to become the capital of the Roman world! Ha ha ha! We can continue with the show. Yes... well... oh Caesar, I believe the show is over... Lets see, what do we have now? Oh yes, we must cross this chasm... Using the invisible thread that you do not see over there. We must cross over that thread? Why not cross through the bottom? There is a little river with calm winds. Yes, but you see, that small river is full of crocodiles. They are sacred crocodiles... that were given to Caesar by the head of the Egyptian State, Queen Cleopatra. They are ferious beasts, extremely voracious. Yikes! I don't like crocodiles! I tried crocodile before ... they are stringy ... Come on, Asterix. Ok, good, never mind, here I go. Are you ready? go ahead, I'm ready. Here we go! Aaaah! Ba di da di, da daa... Now you must climb this mountain At the top you will find the Venerable Summit And then, that will change the chasm! And what must we do with the Venerable Summit? The Sommet will ask you a question. You to respond without error If you are mistaken, the consequences will be harsh, for you, of course. Could he not come to us instead to ask his question? Come on, do not be lazy, lets go! There must be a splendid view up there. Say, I climed the montain! Yes, we have arrived at the summit. That Venerable must not be far from here... Old man! Are you the Venerable Summit? Yes, I am. And you, brave mortals, are you here for my question? Yes! I am glad we were on the right mountain. Question us promplty, Venerable Summit. for Toutatis! It's Freezing up here! One moment! Do you know, foolish men, that if you do not give me the right answer you will immediately be thrown into the dephs of hells. After climbing all the way up here? Oh no, no, we don't want that... well, your question is? Poor fools. follow me young men. ouch! You must go to the edge of the sea, that will do you good. Oh presumptuous mortals! Blindfolded, one of you must tell me ... it is still time to retreat. Go on, make your inquiry! One of you must tell me... what is the pile of laundry that was washed with Olympus, the god of laundry! This one!! It is soft and very elastic! Yes! He responded correctly! Certainly, that stack is more flexible, more soft, and whiter! The gods do their laundry with Olympus, leaving the linen white and the hands soft, soft, soft. Oh, gods, did you hear? This mortal has given the right answear. Did you hear? Yes, Yes! We heard. They're smart, those two guys. We must admit its true: Olympus adds elasticity to linen. and leave hands...mmmm..really soft! We understood! Oh, you the military ,eh! Silence! But then, Oh Jupiter, these Gauls who have successfully completed their work.. Do they have a place amongst us? Is it that we are always so picky? Enough! No one comes to our place as if it was a tavern! (hiccups) They definitely start to bother me. They definitely bother me!

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Duration: 9 minutes and 57 seconds
Country: France
Language: French (France)
Genre: Animated
Producer: Georges Dargaud, René Goscinny, and Albert Uderzo
Director: René Goscinny, Henri Gruel, Albert Uderzo, and Pierre Watrin
Views: 192
Posted by: aeh5573 on May 1, 2010

The Twelve Tasks of Asterix- Part 6 This is the sixth part of twelve tasks that Julius Caesar assigns to Asterix. If Asterix manages to accomplish all twelve of these tasks, Julius Caesar will hand the Roman empire over to Gaul, if not they must surrender.

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