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C9L7: Wide Perspective

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Geometrical is mathematical its dimensional its spiritual all of these things all relate in a much deeper way and we just feel that you can actually experience some of this. Become spatially dynamic which incorporates a lot of these aspects. With that same thing in mind you even have to think with your hands sometimes. I mean so often I have players going for a volley like this or with this left hand being neglected and I just hey you know keep this hand in play and whether its back here for a wide volley or in here close a more comfortable volley. On ground strokes I tell my students look make your hands become railroad ties and your knees become railroad ties and look at the ball with these two sets of railroad ties and make sure you are really lined up. That was the one thing when we were hitting yesterday that one point I wasn't lining up my forehand enough to get a big shot on the return serve and you said oh you are not quit getting there with the left hand. I bring my left hand over and hit that crushing forehand return of serve and all these little things help you grow and as I said help you on your journey. Have a very open mind and wide perspective and think with your hands and your knees and your hips and think from above. Would you just go into battle with just your sword and not your shield. The shield actually you know actually protects you and then you swing out and the left hand actually balances all the activity that you are actually doing with you right hand. Keeping balance on the other side of body so you can stay vertical in your activity. It is so important its probably one of the most important you learn when you hurt your thumb many years ago that having to play left handed was really how we connected at the beginning. The experience of playing left handed where your other arm has to actually do the opposite of what it has done its whole life in some respects. That is a real tweak to your mind that we feel is very important unless you can coil and expand with your left hand you usually will do one or the other probably better. In left we hand we hardly can coil it is all trying to hit and then we can't hit very well. So if we over do the coil and we learn to integrate a nice stroke that we actually play right handed. We will have integrated more parts of our body because it really is a mirror image of one side to the other. Unless the two play off each other like alternating current. One has to respond to the other in the right way positive or negative its not I am always negative on this side. I am always positive this side actually the flow is the relationship each has to the other.

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Keep widening your perspective.

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