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The factory is massive, and it's growing all the time there's no way they can keep tabs on everything. That's what they've got surveillance drones recording all the time for. Do you think they pay people to watch all that video just because the inventory comes up a little short? It's pretty easy to mark a working cable as defective. Accidentally. If you're so big on getting one, just talk to Geiss. Those aren't the kind of guys we wanna to owe anything to. You guys are nuts. They'll nail you at the spot check! So the defective cables go in the clear bins, right? Just drop one behind. If they notice we're one short, whatever, we'll "find" it. ...but if not... Welcome to the Aster*sk employee check point. Please have your bags and personal belongings ready for inspection. And remember: there's no 'lying' in complying. Thief! A fucking crook! Damn temps stealing from us. Stealing from us! Make sure you check these girls too! Well, here's to your first week as a factory cog! Only fifty years to go, then you get to die. Uh! They'll have a cure for death by then, I'll expect. That's what every generation thinks. I don't know why you had to start so soon after graduation. At least take the summer. I told you they're ramping up for the product launch in the fall. These jobs are time limited. Time-limited! That's just how they get a temp job to sound like a special offer. And they're not always so time limited. So far my temp job at Securitor... Oh, yeah! 18 years. You wanna go check my birth certificate just to know for sure. I know, but that's your choice. They offered you a full time position years ago. with more pay, less work... Yeah but there's a dress code and I don't exactly look the part. I never have been management material. Dad always... -Whoa! Not allowed to quote grandpa. I know, I know. Do you want some help? -Nah, I'm OK. Come in! Uncle Bruce is here. He got a new gig and wants to celebrate. OK It really is quite beautiful, huh? Hey! Do you remember when you were like 4 or 5, Maxine? Not really. When you were young we used to grow crystals together Don't you remember that? -Oh, yeah, I remember that from a kit. Yeah! And they would take forever to grow and you'd get all frustrated. Well I did some research at the time... and I solved that problem. I had forgotten about it at the time, I mean, I just didn't have any reason and then the new job I got has me working with synths with a similar structure and I thought I could use that to speed up production and then I... ... anyway, I'm blah, blah... ...blahing again. So, like, your new job doesn't conflict with your conditions or whatever...? No! No, because the court order just prohibits me working with biomasses so as long as stay in pure chemistry it's fine. Their lawyers cleared it. Hey, what's this about a new job I hear you've got? Ahh, it's at Aster*sk. Really? In Hamilton? My old stomping grounds, uh? I hear a couple of guys from the neighbourhood are working there now. The Hamilton Mafia? Oh, great! Better and better. Why? What? -They're... businessmen. Oh ya they're businessmen alright... Sociopathic and single-minded. -He's exaggerating They're a little rough around the edges. I wouldn't go for a late night walk with them, but I'm sure Aster*sk is a good place to work. Oh, yeah... It's just wonderful. They set up shop in a special economic zone where you don't have to pay minimum wage... you don't have to follow environmental laws... It's basically a sweatshop! Luckily, I like to sweat. [Through the door] You have to admit it's quite brilliant. That's an amazing idea. Totally amazing, and totally crazy. Possibly a little bit illegal... maybe? No, it's not that it's illegal, I like that part. But then what? What? We just disappear? Yeah! Whoa! Right? And that was only after week! Are you leaving it running at night like Lars? Erm... no. I am a little scared of that. That's why I don't wanna do it all really. The early adopters are just betatesters, and I want them to get all of the glitches first. It's pretty tempting though. Oh, man. The muscle memory reinforcement loops are so crazy. I hate waking up feeling like you've been wrung out though. Worth it though, right? I'm playing Scampeur with just the controller but if they get the haptics enabled then I might borrow Lars' cable. That's the parkour one, right? How is it? It's pretty great. But I've been stuck on their Paris '88 for ages though. It's pretty hard... -Oh! It's pretty hard... is it? Looks like the new meat's got a new haircut. You know... We don't much like haphead posers around here. New meat. I'm not a poser. Great! You'll come out on Friday to prove it. The Friday fight? Erm... uhm... I.. I haven't had much time to practice... But, but, but! You best level up quick! Poser. I'll do it! I'll fight -Maxine! Aw, shit. Looks like this new meat's got some spice. We'll see you Friday. Oh yes. Been a while since we had a Toronto-Hamilton grudge match. Ha, ha! Wooooo!

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