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Nozizwe Medlala-Routledge: Commonly Shared Values

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global oneness project Commonly Shared Values I think you find that, even in people who call themselves atheists, those who say that they do not believe... Nozizwe Madlala-Routledge - Cape Town, South Africa - Former South African Deputy Minister of Health find that when you sit down and talk with them, they would emphasize the value of honesty, the value of truth, the value of searching for inner peace. These are very important values because if I can recognize that value for myself, to say I need to know that I can relate to you and trust you, that we can develop a relationship that is based on honesty between us. I find that I can then expect and respect that of another person. These are what I would call our commonly shared values, in a society that shows how interdependent we are. How we cannot exist by ourselves, on our own. The experience that your life depends on my life, even if I may think that I have everything in life. Its just not possible for you to live your life just by yourself. With a religion and faith as a common experience, it is possible to say, "What are these values that we commonly share?" And you can do that through dialogue; dialogue is critically important because say you come from California, or you come from somewhere in India, or you come from the South, you will find in conversation, in dialogue, it is possible to find that there exists these commonly shared values which we can build on. They have become the basis on which we can create a common coexistence among ourselves. I mentioned earlier the issue of the environment. If, in your pursuit of wealth, your pursuit of profit you destroy what we commonly share, that creates conflict because I also want to experience the same pleasure in terms of enjoying clean air, in terms of being able to drink water that is not polluted. If out of your own activity, your own greed, you continue to pollute the water, it affects me. It takes away my personal freedom, my right to clean air, to clean, unpolluted water.

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Posted by: global on May 7, 2008

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