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Recent Child CrossOvers3: Life after Death Research: Desteni

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Recent Child CrossOvers 3 - Life after Death Research Hello, my name is Vincent..'Vogany', and..I died when i was..almost six years old. I died, of..poisoning..I ate food that was old, and.. it intoxicated my body, parents couldn't take me to a... 'place'..where they have medicine, and people who might know what is wrong, to help.. and I was sick for three weeks ..before I died. they tried like..other stuff..and prayer, but it didn't work. Of course it can't work, because prayer is not 'here' inside me, is it? Nope. I was looking at that: Like how can medicine work, and prayer work and..stuff like that, because it's something 'outside' coming 'inside'..and it's not 'in me'.. already knowing 'what's really going on' to help It just doesn't make sense. I was always wondering that's 'in' me so maybe 'it's me', but.. How can I become can we be, how does sickness work? especially because i then, that was old and then intoxicated my body. because we, we we lived in in in.. (hesitate) because we, we we live in in in.. Zimbabwe..and..we didn't have any, food..or money.. or transport to a place where they can help me. and I had to eat, I was 'so hungry' evening i was so hungry.. that I ran to dustbins around where we lived and then maybe look for 'something' to eat. and I found 'old bread' - but I only ate the pieces that looked ok.. that didn't fill me - and then I ate some bananas that was very old, brown almost - but I had to eat because I was 'very hungry'. and that's... and I ate some other stuff as well that was thrown away. I remember that was in the dustbin, there were flies on it so maybe it was the flies.. put stuff on the food or something - and then I died. But now I am in 'heaven'..and I'm enjoying myself.. and I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else.. but I'm still Here. So we are still experiencing what human beings are experiencing - it's no different. I would just like it to end - So that children don't have to experience what I had because there is no Food or Money. Thank you. Hello! my name is Rochelle and my surname is Vermiujl but it's spelled 'v e r m i..u..' (oh!) 'j' 'l' I still know how to pronounce it, Vermiujl - and I died in an awful way.. I was swinging..(awe) 'i was swinging', and.. My hands slipped..and i fell back, on my neck..and i ~ died. My brother was pushing me.. and, he..I told him 'higher..and higher, and higher'... and he told me to hold tight, i remember, that was the last word he spoke..and then.. my hand slipped..and i felt 'backwards'. It was just on the back swing.. and then i went forward, my hand slipped and i felt backwards. and..i died. on a swing. (shake head) It was quite strange..though now i'm in 'heaven'..well.. It's not like 'heaven'..with angels and things..would have been nice though. but..can't do that because..there are children and people in the world.. 'Who needs Help'! not like 'help', need help, but.. You require someone to direct you.. and have you know what you are doing because you don't know it yourself. you don't..or you don't want to know. and..there will be many, there's been many children in heaven, you know 'how many children die' a day? 'a lot'..and the ways are quite 'horrific'.. mine is but minor..the ways are quite horrific.. This world isn't such a pleasant place as what people perceive it to be. I'd say what your hear on the news, or even only on the 'internet'.. is like 'one percent - 1%'..(correct) I'd say..that one day you're gonna wake up..and 'in one day'.. everything is just gonna crumbling down, in this world.. and everyone is going to wonder: 'how and why?' because you haven't 'been informed'.. of what is really going on in the world, 'At All'! So you're in a bit of 'trouble' - and we're helping you. yay! so we are in trouble with you..because we are here. ok, like that's me now..i'm going to go enjoy myself again. well it's not like I'm in 'my own little bubble-world' I'm Here..but I enjoy it.. because it's 'me'..thank you, ok, bye.. Not enjoying the world, i am enjoying 'me'. Ok, thank you. bye bye. More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: You can Assist in Research by Identifying Family of these children, Contact: [email protected] CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Aug 25, 2009

Take part in the research by identifying the family of these children
*Note. 2:27:57 'because we live in' is repeated.

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