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Spanish and Mexican Food Part 3 Block 2

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La CENA (dinner) is eaten between 8 and 10 p.m. in MEXICO. It is not the main meal of the day, in fact it is much like our lunch. Remember they eat dinner much later than most people in the United States because in MEXICO most people go home to eat their main meal between 2 and 3 p.m. And most adults don't usually leave work until at least 7 p.m. La CENA(dinner) may consist of UNA HAMURGUESA CON PAPAS FRITAS (a hamburger with french fries.) And yes, they do have McDonalds in Mexico too, or you may have PIZZA, of course you will always have the opportunity to add some spicy SALSA to your PIZZA, or order it with JALEPENOS. And while in MEXICO, you may see people putting ketchup on their PIZZA You can also have sandwiches or TORTAS, a special kind of MEXICAN sandwich for dinner. Shown here you may have a TORTA DE JAMON SALCHICHA O HUEVO (ham, sausage, or egg) for only a $1.50. or POLLO (chicken,) MILANESA (bread and beef) for just $2.00 or even have a CAMARON (shrimp), or PULPO (octupus TORTA) for $2.50. Sounds good to me. Then there's always the famous MEXICAN TACOS (TORTILLAS filled with meat,) or QUESADILLIAS (TORTILLAS filled with cheese and anything else you may want AL PASTOR with pork or with many different kind of CARNE (meat) or POLLO (chicken) You can also be daring by having a TACO made from LENGUA (tongue,) OJO (eyes,) or SESOS (brains) Here you can see me having my first and only QUESADILLA DE SESOS, TORTILLA cheese and yes pig or cow brains, im not sure which. All cut up small As you can see, I was able to take a bit of it, but i personally i wouldn't order it again I guess it wasn't quite as difficult as when i tried GRILLOS (crickets) in XUAJACA MEXICO a few years ago They tasted like grass with lemon and SALSA But people from XUAJACA like them, in fact, there they can get the CRICKET TACO Moving on something sweeter, you can also get CHURROS for dinner in mexico. In most places, these stickes of fried bread dough is sugar, available for both late afternoon snack and for dinner. And yes, you can even have some PAN DULCE, sweet bread, before you go to sleep. The bakery sell it fresh, both in the morning for EL DESAYUNO, breakfast, and again in the evenings for LA CENA, dinner. As you can see, mexican diners are quite varied, as are their drinks, BEBIDAS. At night, you can have the same drinks as during the day. REFRESCOS, sodas, AGUA DE FRUTAS, fruit waters, LIQUADOS, watershape or milkshakes with fruit, especially in the cold winter months, you can also enjoy the nice Mexican hot chocolate. They make their hot chocolate by using molinillo, shown here. To mix up a 2 inch round tablet of chocolate into hot milk Here you can see the famous ABUELITA brand and of course MOCTEZUMA named after the famous aztec emperor another very old traditional indigenous drink in MEXICO is called ATOLE A corn drink often served with TAMALES corn dough cooked inside the corn husk that we talked about in the mexican COMIDA and also shown here. "ATOLE" is prepared by roasting kernels of corn Grinding them up, traditionally using a "MOLCAJETE", a mexican morter and pestal And then stirring the remaining meal, which is called "PINLOE" into water Most "ATOLES" sold in the "MERCADOS" or markets Are served warm and sweetened with sugar or honey and often flavored with fruit juices cinnimon, vanilla or chocolate Interestingly hundreds of years ago in some indigenous mexican tribes, "ATOLE" was the only drink that pregnant women were allowed to drink. Because, people believed it was soothing and nutritious and that it would create a calm and stable mood for the expecting mother Be sure to try this hot corn drink "ATOLE", if you get the chance. And thus we end our summery of "LA CENA", dinner in mexico. In "España", Spain, "COCIDO" is a vey popular dish especially in the winter It is a thick "GARBANZO" bean soup, servied with a varity of "CARNE", meats In the summer, "GAZPACHO" is very common It is a cold tomato vegetable soup found particularly in southern Spain Altough the idea of a cold soup may sound strange "GAZPACHO" is very refreshing on a hot summer day This is PAELLA, the national dish of SPAIN, yellow safron rice, vegetables, and seafood. On the beach you can see this man in COSTA DE SOL, SPAIN is serving up a PAELLA. As you can see it's a large dish enough for two people, there are two plates there so he is dividing the big PAELLA between two different plates. It's nice and hot, steaming, and you can see the shrimp with the heads on them there, lemon, and also the muscles which is another seafood common in PAELLA. Now were in SPAIN, and here is the shrimp ooo look ,and here are his nice long antenaes, and this is how you peel and eat a shrimp in SPAIN. First there are little eyeballs. The first thing we have to do is pop off the head, I guess I'm looking to have it off because I'm not eating the head so, pop, bye-bye there goes the head. Then we have the little feets, see we have to pull those off too, I don't like to eat feet, maybe you guys do, but I don't, so you take off the feet on here, and then you have all the shell, you have to peel the shell off, which is kind of slimy because it has all the PAELLA stuff on it your gonna pull the shell off, and your gonna see when I'm all done the scary little guy you just saw is looking like a shrimp you would get in the United States. But look how much fun this is, alright here we go, and it's going to taste very nice and fresh see now look how he looks like a regular little shrimp, it even tastes good I'm sure its going to be great. Very, very sweet, much better than the shrimp in the United States and remember here we have before, and after, and as you can see, fresh SPANISH PAELLA with the shrimp, and muscles, and yellow rice with safron and it's got chicken, it's a PAELLA meat, which has seafood also and chicken and beef in here as well so BUEN PROVECHO while in SPAIN you can also enjoy, TORTILLA ESPANOLA it is not the same as the flat corn bread tortilla in mexico. TORTILLA Española is an omlet that contais HUEVOS-eggs BATATA-potatoe and CEBOLLA-onions. It is Baked and served like a pie. now you can see it live. now i have for you TORTILLA ESPANOLA remember this is the potatoe egg omelet. not the same as the tortilla in mexico, remember it looks very good, i got my own, i just got a little piece and im going to try it and im sure its going to be wonderful. very very good BUTIDOS are common in spain, their various types of sausage but their often served cold with QUESO-cheese.The 2 most common are CHORISOS and MORSILLAS. CHORISOS are served with PAN-bread and QUESO-cheese just as shown. MORSILLAS is a spanish black sausage made from blood rice and spices, most americans get freacked when they hear it contains blood but its tasty! CHORISOS and MORSILLAS are common toppings on pizza in spain. Next we see spains renound JAMON SERANO - ham JAMON SERANO is a salted cured ham that is served everywhere in spain in fact they have bars dedicated to the types of ham! JAMON SERRANO is the less costly type of ham JAMON IBERICO is the finer more expensive kind as you can see it is really just a large pigs leg it is always served by sliceing the dark redish purple colored meat directly off the bone JAMON SERRANO is a popular snack with CHORIZO sausage and QUESO (cheese) as well a filling for a sandwich abacudejo shown here Finally a summary of the spains most popular foods would not be complete without their renoned tapas a wide verity of a appetizers TAPA means lid or covered in spanish No one knows were the word Tapas Came from but one common explanation is that bread or a flatcard or something would often be placed on top of a drink to protect is from fruit flys at some point it became a habbit to top this cover or tapa with a snack sometime however in northern spain TAPAS are also called PINCHOS, because many of them have a PINCO, or toothpick going through them. Most bars and restaruants have a variety of TAPAS to chose from. Including GAMBAS, large shrimp or prawns with there heads still on. CALAMARES battered and fried squid. CROQUETAS battered and fried fingers filled with things like chesse and ham and ALBONDIGAS meatballs filming live you see tortilla espanola a cheese souffle yogurt sauce kurry chicken CARNE meat in a nice spanish sauce roasted red papers with onions and olive oil which is a very popular spanish TAPAS Roast chicken in the back and the oven baked pork loin in front potatoes in cream sauce pork called MAGRO in tomatoe sauce lentils and chicken livers which is very popular in cherry sauce. and in the back cucumber salad As you can see olive oil us used a lot in spanish cooking In fact they have some of the best olive oil in the world The oil comes of course from the famous spanish olives called aceitunas These olives can be filled with, peppers, different kinds of cheeses, and even ANCHOVIES. these various types of spanish olives are also available as TAPAS To summarize some of spains most popular foods include COCIDO GAZPACHO PAELLA TORTILLA ESPANOLA or TORTILLA PATATA EMBUTIDOS like CHORIZO Y MORRILA EMBUTIDOS like CHORIZO Y MORRILA and the famous spanish TAPAS

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Spanish and Mexican Food Part 3 Block 2

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