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Bold - Week 4

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Well, today I'm super glad to have all of you with us at all of our LifeChurches, our Network Churches, we love you guys! And those of you from countries all over the world joining us live right now at ChurchOnline, we are thrilled to have you with us today. It's the last day of the series called, Bold. As we have been looking at Acts, Chapter Four and Acts, Chapter Five. If you want to follow along in your Bibles today, we'll be in Acts, Chapter Five. Next week, I'm starting a brand new two-week series called TwoGather. Wherever two or three gather together in His name; I've got incredible news for you and that is, God is there with you! I can't wait, I have a real burden and that starts next week. Today though, we're going to talk about Bold Obedience. Could I get all of you at all of our churches to shout out bold obedience; one, two, three, "Bold obedience!" I've told this story before, but I want to tell it again because I believe it really highlights the importance of this subject. When I was a new Christian, maybe 19 or 20-years of age, I went to church. I was worshiping and singing and I looked across the church and there was a lady that God just kind of put...she was older and obviously had a rough life, you could just tell. But God just kind of gave me a burden for her and I felt like, I'd never had this happen before, but I felt like God was saying, 'Give her the money you have in your wallet!' And I thought, "That's weird, is that God or is that the pizza I ate at 2:00 a.m. kicking me in the morning? You know what am I, is that God?" And I thought, "Maybe it's Satan? No, Satan wouldn't tempt me to be generous!" And so, I'm going through it and so finally I said, "Okay, if I'm supposed to give her my money, how much do I have?" I looked in my wallet and all I had was a five dollar bill! And I thought, "Well, that's stupid! I mean, how much good is that going to do?" So, I tried to shake it and I put it back in my pocket and I kept feeling like there was this burden, "You should go!" And so, I was a new Christian and I thought, "I'll do what I think God wants me to do." So, it's kind of awkward, I went up and said, "Ma'am I'm sorry, I know this is weird and this is all I have, but I felt like I was supposed to give you this." And I gave her the five dollars. And when I did, she looked at it and then she looked at me, and then she looked at it and she threw her hands up toward the heavens and she said, "Thank you God!" And I'm like going, "What happened? Did He multiply it in her hands and it's five thousand?" You know, "It's only five dollars!" And so, I tried to walk off, like you know, it's really no big deal. And she grabbed me and she said, "No wait! You have to hear this!" And through tears she said, "I'm a single mom and I'm out of money and I don't get paid until next Wednesday. And I looked at the gas in my car today and I wanted to go to church but I only had enough to get there and not enough to get home. And I prayed, 'God, what do I do?' And I felt like God said, 'Go to church and trust me to get you home!' And God has answered my prayer and met my need!" And I was like, "Wow! That's just, that's incredible!" And then I thought, "Well, good for you because that was my lunch money!" And this was pre-credit card days! And so I was like, "Well at least she will get home!" And after church a guy said, "Hey, you want to go to lunch?" I was like, "No, I cant!" And he goes, "I'm buying!" And I was like, "I'm going baby!" And I got an eight dollar lunch on a five dollar gift! That's how God will often work! When you obey He'll bless someone else and then you get the overflow of that! Well, if you fast-forward a few years, I felt that same kind of burden. This time, I saw a guy and I felt like I was supposed to give him all of my money. I got in my wallet and like, all I had was a one-hundred dollar bill! I was like, "Crap! That's a one-hundred dollar bill! Satan, is that you tempting me to be like Jesus again?" And so I'm arguing back and forth, "Should I.....?" And I felt like God wanted me to and this time I didn't do it. I didn't do it. You could say I had five-dollar obedience, but not one-hundred dollar obedience if you wanted to be cruel, but that's the truth. I didn't do it and to this day I wonder, "God, what did you want to do in that guy's life and what blessing did I miss from not obeying your call and becoming disobedient?" I believe that God wants to speak to many of you, and you to respond to the promptings of the Spirit, or the teachings in His Word. And when you boldly obey, you'll experience His presence in a very new and a very real way. Let me give you the context for our text today in Acts, Chapter Five. If you haven't been with us, Peter and John were bold. Man, they were preaching Jesus, the Sanhedrin didn't believe in the resurrection of Jesus and said, 'You've got to stop!' They kept doing it. God gave them the ability and the faith to see a guy who had been crippled for forty years. They prayed and the guy was healed. And so, that put the religious leaders in a bind because they wanted to keep the Apostles locked up, but they couldn't because everybody knew that they had done this big miracle and so they were praying and people were being healed and they were casting demons out and people by the hundreds were becoming Christians. And so, the religious leaders felt this pressure, 'We've got to shut this down!' And they knew if they didn't that Rome would come in and say, 'Okay little boys, obviously you don't have the power to get this thing solved. We'll strip your power and we'll get it done for you.' And so, they were jealous and they felt this pressure and that's where we pick up the story in Acts 5:17, Scripture says this: Then the high priest and all his associates, who were members of the party of the Sadducees, were filled with jealousy. They arrested the Apostles and put them in the public jail. But during the night an angel of the Lord opened the doors of the jail and brought them out. Verse 20, the angel says: "Go, stand in the temple courts and tell the people the full message of this new life." Here's what we're going to do, we are going to watch as these apostles boldly obey. And I want to show you three principles that you will experience in your bold obedience. The first one if you're taking notes is this, you have to remember: Bold obedience usually triggers opposition. Everybody say that, "Bold obedience usually triggers opposition." Verse 18: They (the religious leaders) arrested the apostles and put them in a public jail. If you're keeping track, this is the second time that they'd been in jail in a very short period of time. The problem is, in the Christian culture that so many of us live today we would say, "That's unacceptable, that's not fair!" For example, when I was driving to church and I was late and I was going a little bit over the speed limit and I got pulled over by a police officer! I promptly reminded God, "I am your servant called to preach your anointed Word, grant me favor and talk him out of giving me that ticket because I am your faithful servant oh God! In Jesus' name I pray!" Okay like, "I don't want to get the ticket!" And so often we think, "Well, I'm obeying God. I mean, I go to church once or twice a month whether I need it or not!" You know, "I helped the lady cross the road, I'm a good person so nothing bad should happen to me!" I mean, "I'm obeying God, I should be married to a smoking-hot wife who loves the Bible!" "I'm obeying, we should have kids that never get sick!" And "I should make an 'A' on my algebra two exam because I read my Bible today!" And "Bless God, my football team should go undefeated this year because I am a strong Christian! Can somebody say, Amen!" And so, we tend to think that. The reality is though, when you boldly obey God you will face opposition. Here's what you need to know: If you're not ready to face opposition for your obedience, you are not ready to be used by God. Mmm...that's good preaching, and you are way too quiet! Let me say it again because you missed it the first time: If you're not ready to face opposition for your obedience to God, you're not ready to be used by God because when you obey God opposition comes. In my life I'll tell you, every single time, every single time that God used my obedience in a significant way to advance the kingdom; every time there was opposition, opposition, opposition. I can go through the list. When we started the church, guess what? I thought Christians would be like, "Oh praise God, young little pastor boy starting a church, we'll pray for you!" You know what I got? "A church? Why you starting a church? What's wrong with the church down the street? There's enough churches around, you don't need to start a stupid church! Who you think, 28-years-old starting a church, why you starting a church? Why you starting a church?" Opposition! When Amy and I went from having two kids to three kids, we felt like God told us that children are a blessing. It says it in Scripture, I don't know, maybe I was wrong! I mean four kids, five kids, six kids; you wouldn't believe, "Don't you know what causes that? You can get that fixed, snip, snip, snip!" You know, "What are you doing having all of these kids? That's just ridiculous bringing all of these kids into the world!" Then, when God led us to home educate our kids, and just for the record; I've never said anybody should do that, that's just what God....oh you wouldn't believe! "Oh you, home education? You're going to raise socially retarded kids! They're going to grow up and wear skirts and make their own butter!" And stuff like that! You know, "What, you home educate! Weirdo kids!" And then, when we were turning people away from the church, we felt like God called us to go and do church in another location. "Church in another location? Two locations? What are you trying to do? Like, reach people for Christ? I mean, that's stupid!" And they're like, "And that whole preacher on the video screen, who wants to watch a preacher on...that's the stupidest thing I ever heard! Watch a preacher on a video screen!" And then ChurchOnline, "You can't have ChurchOnline! You can't have ChurchOnline! You can't is not online! Church is about people!" Not that people relate online nowadays! "Can't have...bless God!" And then, when we said we were going to give the Bible away on mobile devices around the world; almost 30 million of them, thanks to your generosity, around the world, one every second being downloaded! "You can't do that! The Bible is a book, it's a book! It's not something you put on a mobile phone, it doesn't work when you read the Living Word of God on a phone! It's got to have leather and pages, bless God!" Every significant act of obedience was meant with opposition. And if you want to boldly obey God you've got to put it down on your calendar, opposition is coming! I'll tell you, don't worry when you meet opposition for obeying God, worry when you don't because you're probably not obeying God! I don't know what it will be for you. You could be sick and tired of debt. Everybody is in debt, everybody is living beyond their means, everybody is struggling financially. And you finally say, "You know what? I'm sick of it! I don't want a financial noose around my neck! We're getting out of debt!" And you may pray and God may lead you to do something crazy. And you drive an old clunker instead of borrowing, or maybe you downsize into a smaller home and everybody is like, "What are you doing? Don't do that! Stay with us, all of the stupid people live beyond their means!" You know, "Stay in debt, that's what we do! Buy bigger, buy more than you can afford! Borrow!" You obey God, you're going to get resistance. God may call you to do something weird when you're raising your kids. You may not put them in the sports league where they play on Sundays or on the weekend. God may prompt your heart that you want to send a message to your children that the worship of God is more important than their sport's league. "But if you don't put little junior in the traveling flag hockey league and he can't go to Massachusetts when he's three, how's he ever going to make the Olympic team? Pastor Craig, you've got to have your kid in the..." And you're going to get opposition. You may have had the gift of dating jerks. You're a jerk magnet, every guy you've dated is a jerk! You're like, "Hey jerks, you want to date?" And you're realizing something's not right. So, you just say, "I'm going to stop dating for awhile, I want God to renew my mind." It's Friday night, all your friends are like, "Hey, we're going to the club....," "I'm not going!" "What are you doing?" "Well, I'm spending time with God!" "Well that's weird, different!" Yes! Yes! When you obey God, you will see opposition. Don't worry when you do, worry when you don't! Thought number one: When you boldly obey, you'll usually trigger opposition. Number two: When you boldly obey, you'll often release God's miracles. When you obey, you can expect God to show up and work supernaturally. Verse 19, I love this! Now if you remember, this is Luke, the physician, who is writing Acts. And listen to just the statement, no emotion, no big set up, just a statement: But during the night an angel of the Lord opened the doors of the jail and brought them out. That's it, just a statement. Now, let's be honest. If that was me and I saw an angel, my statement would be like this: "You're not going to freakin' believe this! This angel, he was nine feet tall! I mean like, flowing robes or whatever. You know, had this sword where he could kill an elephant with it! You know, he came in..." And then I would tell how he did it. I'd be like, "Maybe there were prison bars and the angel just kind of came up and just walked right through!" I don't know, "You know, there's the lock and they're in the cell, an angel just like, and lightening or whatever!" And I'd be like, "Hey, can I get a picture with you angel!" And you know I'm Tweeting this out! But here's the thing, to Luke an angel of the Lord appeared and opened up their doors! No big deal, just a very simple statement! Why? Because when you walk in obedience to God you're not surprised by the miracles of God! And if that doesn't get you going I don't think you can come back because that is really, really exciting! When you walk in obedience of God you're not surprised when God shows up and does something supernaturally. I'm not saying that nothing ever goes wrong, they were in prison that was bad! But in the middle of the bad day, the provision of God through an angel shows up. When you walk in the obedience of God you shouldn't be surprised when God comes through. You shouldn't be, we often are, even me. For example, two weeks ago when I taught on Bold Prayer, how many of you are praying bold prayers right now? Praying bold prayers? I came home and said at our Sunday night prayer meeting with my family, "What kind of bold prayers are we going to pray?" And Sam, my 10-year old said, "Dad, let's boldly ask God to make it rain!" Now, for those of you that live in other parts of the world, context: We're in 50 days of weather over 100 degrees, much often up to 112; that's like 44 or 45 Celsius for you in other parts of the world. It hasn't rained here since like 2002 or something! And he's saying, "Let's pray for rain!" And so, I'm like pulling out my phone app and I get the little weather thing and I tap it, and I'm looking at the ten day. There's zero percent chance of rain, rain isn't forecasted until 2017! You know, and so I'm like hedging, I'm like, "Okay, hey son, that's a real bold prayer, but you know God is God and He may not be in the mood to make it rain!" And Sam was like, "Dad! You said pray boldly!" I was like, "Yea, yea, yea, yea, yea! Okay, okay, okay, okay, let's just kind of pray for rain and other things!" You know, and so we prayed for rain and Sam, 10-years old, he's like, "God, I know it's not supposed to, but I just believe God that you can make it rain!" That was Sunday. Well on Monday, I'm sitting in a building and I hear this (thunder sounds) that sounds like something I remember from my past, called thunder! I walked outside and God as my witness, there was liquid falling from the sky! I'm like, "Rain baby, rain!" And so, I called Sam, "Sam, it's raining!" He's like, "Duh Dad! We asked God to do it!" Okay, when you walk in obedience to God in faith, you're not shocked when God does something supernatural. In fact, I love this miraculous story. I asked on my Facebook page, "Hey tell me, what's God done to bless your obedience?" And I'll read two stories to you, this one first and one later. This one was from Meredith about her husband Corey. She gave me permission to share this. Meredith said: A little over two years ago, I found out my husband was having an affair... That's a bad day, okay! ...He was far from God and refused to come to church with me and the kids and I wanted to leave him. God clearly told me that if I wanted an answer to my prayers for my husband to come to Christ... Listen, she said: ...I had to be obedient and demonstrate Christ's forgiveness to my husband. That's one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make. I chose to obey and forgave my husband. A couple of months later, he started attending LifeGroup with me and then he began attending LifeChurch. At about nine months after the affair, he raised his hand to become a follower of Christ! That is a really, really good God! She goes on to say: A few months later, our children baptized him and now Corey serves faithfully in the tech booth every Sunday. Now, our whole family serves God together at LifeChurch. God's reward for my obedience was beyond anything I could have ever imagined. Obedience often releases God's miracles! Now, they sent me pictures, we've showed you a couple. They also sent me this other picture, which quite honestly is very confusing! I don't know what to do with this because you know how I feel about cats! And maybe this one got saved and it's the first cat in history going to heaven, I don't know! But that's their cat! And so, that's a bold cat! That's all I can say! Well, what does bold obedience do? Bold obedience usually triggers opposition. It often releases God's miracles, and number three: It always requires faith. Would you just say it with me? Number three: Bold obedience always requires faith. Every single time God prompts you to do something, it's going to take faith to obey Him, "Is this what you said?" It's going to take faith! Verse 20, the angel of the Lord tells them: "Go, stand in the temple court," he said, "and tell the people the full message of this new life." Now, in case you weren't paying attention, basically the angel said: Go back and do what got you thrown in jail twice, okay? I mean, let's be honest; go back and do what the people who have the power and authority to take your life, go back and do what they told you not to ever do ever, ever, ever again. That's going to take faith. Now, when God prompts you to do something, it's going to take faith. You may be like me you're like, "I want to know some details! Give me some details!" And I guarantee you God will often say, 'You want details, you can't handle the details! Because if I told you everything,' I mean, God said, "Start a church!" I was 28, if God had given me the details I would have run to another country because the details were pretty gory. You just do what God leads you to do. For example, you want to talk about a place to start obeying? Obey God's Word, start there. What does the Bible say? Obey what's written in the Word. The Bible says that God's Word is a lamp unto our feet. What does that mean? If it's a light shining to our feet we may be able to see the next step, maybe two; but not five and not twenty, because it's a lamp to our feet. If we obey step-by-step then guess what? The lamp gives us the next step or two and as we obey, God continues to reveal and we obey Him step-by-step. You do the last thing God told you to do and you obey by faith! Without faith it's impossible to please God. Earlier this year, I entered into one of my biggest faith moments in the history of my life. I told you all about it and none of you really even realized how big it was. I was in a 21-day fast, praying for the direction of our church for this year. And God burdened me that we were going to reach more people and He put on my heart to build five different buildings. Now, if you've been around me, you know that I don't care about buildings, we never did a sign the three year commitment thing, I don't like, that's just tedious. But, it's been proven that buildings are good places for the church to gather and then you send them out. And so, I told the church, "God put on my heart: We are going to take Wellington, Florida from a school and build a permanent building for them. Then we are going to take Owasso, Oklahoma from an elementary school and build a permanent building for them. Then we are going to take Midwest City and build out this old Dillard's Department store and start a new campus there. And in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma we are going to take a building from the ground up and start a new campus there. And we are going to take Edmond and we are going to build a kid's wing for them." And I just told the church, "And we're going to do five buildings and God has put this on my heart and we are going to pay cash for all of it!" And I could just tell people were going like, "How are you going to do that?" So I just said, and some of you look like you were wondering, "How are you going to do that?" And I just said, "I haven't figured that out yet, but I know God has put this on my heart!" Well, I came home and Amy is like, "You've never done anything like that! That was bold! You just declared...." And she said, "How much is all of that going to cost?" And I was like, "Well, I don't know, I haven't thought of that!" And she's like, "You're planner boy!" She said, "You know, why don't you figure it out?" So, I sat down and took a pencil and a piece of paper and like, "This building, okay about that many million. And this five." Oh my gosh! The number, I'm telling you, it was impossible; based on everything I know, physically and literally and completely impossible. I was just like, "There you go, fifteen good years, integrity, now I'm a false prophet! They're going to take me out behind the building and I'm going to get stoned!" And not recreationally, I'm talking, they're going to..false prophet, stone me for what I did! I am in big trouble! And all of the sudden there is this doubt, you know, coming! Like, oh you thought God and now it's impossible! I'm here to tell you, at the 6-month mark, by the grace and the power of God, we have paid cash for over half the buildings, and by the grace of God, before year end, we will pay cash for all of them because God is just that good! And I appreciate your little golf clap, and some of you sitting back and not caring at all, because you have no idea how much faith that took me to declare something that was in every sense impossible. But I've got news for you, with God all things are possible! And when you boldly obey, you will face opposition and it will take faith and your faith will often be met with God's miracles. On a whole different level there's a great couple, Brian and Alicia, who battled their own financial fears. They knew they were supposed to tithe, what is the tithe? When you take 10% of what God trusts to you and you worship Him by giving it back through the church. This is what Brian wrote of their struggles, he said: We knew we needed to tithe, but we were selfish and didn't. (I love his honesty!) The plain and simple fact is that on paper it was just impossible. We were living paycheck-to-paycheck and more often than not, going in the hole. After many, many months of arguing about it, we finally took a leap of faith and started the Three Month Tithe Challenge. The second week in, my wife got pulled over for floating a neighborhood stop sign. She got a traffic ticket and broke down because she knew we couldn't afford it. She drove two blocks and got pulled over again. The police officer, same one, asked for the ticket back and ripped it up! He said that he saw she was a teacher and said that he treated his third grade teacher really badly, so this was kind of a redemption thing for it! Brian went on to say: I don't what it was about the tithe, but we grew closer to each other and to God in those three months than we thought possible. The last week of the challenge, I got a new job at almost double the salary I was making before and it was the job that I had always dreamed of! Now here's the key and I love this! He says: We never started tithing thinking we would get any financial gain at all. We did it because we knew we had to be obedient to what God taught. We honestly thank God every time we get to tithe! That's powerful! That's powerful! It takes faith to tithe! Some of you, you are going to be obedient and take that step of faith. Some of you, God's going to speak to you to start a LifeGroup and you're like, "How?" It's going to take faith. Or some of you start a ministry, or a business, or to ask to try to make reconciliation with someone that you've got a hurt relationship. Or you may be a guy and you're not married and you're sitting four rows down from a really cute girl who is worshiping God and by faith you're going to invite her to the LifeGroup that you have not yet started and God is going to spark a relationship and you're going to name your first son Craig, after the one who inspired you to live by faith! It takes faith when God calls you to obey. It always takes faith. I love verse 21, watch what the apostles did: At daybreak they entered the temple courts, as they had been told, and began to teach the people. Look at what they didn't do; they didn't delay, they did not delay, they obeyed fully. Write this down: Delayed obedience is disobedience. Delayed obedience is disobedience. Partial obedience is disobedience. Whenever God prompts you, you obey completely and you obey immediately no matter what! If it's big, you obey. If it seems small and insignificant, you still obey. For example, Amy and I were in Hawaii. I was teaching a leadership event in Hawaii because somebody has to sacrifice and go to Hawaii to help these people learn! And so, it was our only time to go there and it was a miserable planned trip, we only had four days there and I only scheduled a half a day off, which was stupid because we were all away there in Hawaii. Half of a day off, an on our half day off, we came down to the beach and we sat down and we were like, "Finally, Hawaii!" And I'm talking thirty seconds in, all of a sudden God gave me a burden for a friend of mine who was going through a horrible time. And I said, "Amy, I'm really sorry, I know it's been an all ministry week, but I think I'm supposed to call this guy." And she's like, "You think God wants you to?" I said, "Yes!" She said, "Go call him!" And so, I ran down the beach and I go up to the room and I called my phone and I dialed him and I forgot about the time change. It was like way later where he was than I was. It was like 11:30 almost midnight, and he picked up the phone and he said, "Greosh, why are you calling me now?" And then I remembered, I was like, "Oh time change! I can't explain it, I just felt like God wanted me to!" And then he said, and his tone was really different, his voice was shaking, he said, "Why now?" "I told you, I just felt like, I'm sorry it's late but I felt like..." And he said, "No! Why now?" And then it dawned on me. I said, "You're thinking about taking your life right now aren't you?" He said, "Yes!" I said, "Do you have a gun with you?" He said, "Yes." I said, "Put the gun down because it's obvious God cares for you enough to have me call you at the perfect time. You're going to walk out your door, go to your neighbor's house, I don't care what time it is. Ring the door bell and your staying the night there, because wouldn't you agree God cares for you so much that I would call you at the right time?" He said, "Yes, I absolutely.." A couple of years later, this guy is on fire for God and has worked through all of his issues. And I'm telling you, when God prompts you, even if it doesn't make sense, you obey immediately and you obey completely, and that's what these guys did. And because of their obedience, the religious leaders brought them back in and unleashed on them again. Verse 28: "We gave you strict orders not to teach in this name," he said. What was the name they were teaching in? It was the name Jesus. "Yet you have filled Jerusalem with your teaching and are determined to make us guilty of this man's blood." Peter and the other apostles said: "We must obey God rather than men!" Everybody say, "We must", say it again, "We must"; they said, "We must..." do what? Say it aloud, "We must obey God rather than men!" In other words, you don't know what we've seen. When you know Christ like we know Him, when you've seen what we've seen and you've heard what we've heard, we can't not talk about Him, because boldness is behavior born out of belief. We speak boldly about what we believe deeply. And this isn't an option, it's not an if, it's not a maybe, it's not a when; it is a we must! And church, when you fall so in love with Him, you won't care what anybody else thinks, what anybody else says, how foolish it makes you look, you become a must servant of Christ. No matter what you say, you can't stop us. You can threaten to kill us, you can lock us up, you can beat us, but we're not going away! Why? Because we must obey God rather than men! Father, I pray that your Spirit would seal this truth deep within our hearts and God that we would be different, because when we spend time with you God, it leads to faith, which leads to boldness, which leads to results, which leads to more desire for you, and more faith and more boldness and more glory to you. Make us, oh God, in love with your Son Jesus, so much so that the world would be amazed by our boldness and they would take note that we have been with Jesus. All of our churches today, those of you who would say, "I'm not that bold, I'm sometimes slow to obey, I don't even know when the last time..." I'm telling you, you start obeying and God's going to start speaking and you're going to recognize His voice. "I want to obey boldly, I want to live with bold obedience, I want to be a must person who lives and does what God says, no matter what!" If that's you all of our churches, lift your hands now, just lift them up high all over the place. Thank you God, for all of these willing servants. I pray God that we would fall so in love with you that we would see you work and hear the truth of your Word and your Word would build faith within us. And God, that we would come to the place where we don't care what anybody says, what anybody thinks God, when you prompt us we will obey, even when we don't understand, even when there's opposition, even when the opposition is us, even, and especially when it takes faith. And God, when we follow you, we won't be surprised by your miracles that follow our obedience. God, make us, lead us to a fully surrendered, obedient life, living boldly for the One who gave His life for us. Keep praying today all of our churches. This is my favorite part of everything that we do. There are those of you, you are about to be boldly obedient like you've never been before because you're going to recognize you're not living in obedience to God. If you're not living obediently, chances are you probably really don't know Him, because when you do know Him, you don't have to obey, you want to obey out of the goodness, the response to His gift of eternal life through Jesus. There are some of you today, you're feeling drawn to God, and yet you know you're not fully into the God thing, there's something drawing you. There's some of you, people may think you're a Christian, you're kind of a cultural Christian, you kind of blend in. But you recognize, there's not this full-on, full life of passion for Jesus. What's happening? The Spirit of God is drawing you toward Him today. And what you're going to do, is you're going to boldly surrender your life, it's no longer going to be yours, you're going to give it to Him. You are going to declare that Jesus is Lord, you're going to believe that God raised Jesus from the dead so all of your sins could be forgiven. You are going to give your life to Him, you're going to be filled with the Spirit of God and you will never be the same. That is why you're here, it's time to get bold! "Jesus, take all of my life!" All of our churches, look up at me right now! Everybody looking around, because I want everybody to get the joy of seeing you boldly say, "I give my life to God, every bit of it! Jesus, take my life it's no longer mine, I give it to you!" Lift your hands now! High, lift them high all over the place! Man, praise God for all of you! A couple together, right back here! All of you, leave them up in the air! Right back over here, others of you today say, "Me too!" Praise God for you! Others today who would say, "Yes, I give my life to you!" Come on, others who say, "I want everybody to know, I surrender!" Back there, thank you God! Others who would say, "Yes, take my life! I boldly declare; Jesus, be the Savior, be the Lord of my life." Right back over there as well, praise God for you! Right up here, right back over here as well! "Jesus, take my life!" Come on, others of you, get over the pride! "I don't care what anybody thinks, I want to be a follower of Christ!" Praise God for you! Man, everybody pray aloud, pray aloud with those around you. Here, praise God for you! Pray aloud! Heavenly Father, save me from my sins. Jesus, be my Lord, be my Savior. I believe you died for me and you rose again so I could live for you. Fill me with your Spirit. My life is no longer my own, I give it to you. Make me bold for the name of Jesus. Thank you for new life, now you have mine! In Jesus' name I pray! LifeChurch, get a little loud! Worship God! Welcome those today born into God's family!

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Bold - Week 4 - Craig Groeschel -

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