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Jamila Jad - Beirut, Lebanon - Arabic (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~12:15:06 - 12:30:06

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My city Zahla. My love for it grew as I grew. My city is small in size but it encompasses the advantages of the capital Beirut and the village. It was built in a green valley. Houses were built on both sides of the riverbank. Its red brick soared up the hills till they reached the peaks, where vineyards and cherry orchards stretch. Full stop. The end. Close your dictation notebooks. I will pass by to collect them. Meanwhile, put your reading books and the agenda on the table quickly. Quickly! Those of you still writing ought to stop now. Yes Rami? May I bring the Agenda? No, I will collect it. May I bring the agenda? Yes, go and fetch the agenda quickly. Did you see my agenda, Ebrahim? I didn't find it. Where is it? Give me the notebook, please. I'm coming. Sit down, I will take care of this. Sit down Hadi, I am coming to take the notebook. Open the agenda on Saturday. Amani, come on! Open the agenda on Saturday. Come on! Saturday, we don't have an exam. The exam is on Monday. We don't have an exam. The exam is on Monday. You didn't write in the agenda Ebrahim? I was absent. Because you were absent, I will write it for you now. Monday 18th May. We are now writing under Saturday, Ebrahim. Please write with us in the agenda under Saturday. Yes Fatima? You're not allowed to write in red. Teachers correct in red, right? We use a pencil to write in the agenda. Go on. We have a reading homework. You can change your place in a minute. I will explain the agenda now. Write it out for now, and I will explain the homework for Saturday. We have to write it now. Then I will explain. Yes, Ebrahim? Muhamad, would you please let Ebrahim sit next to you? Sit over there please. Do you have an agenda? Take it over there. Sit down Ebrahim. Put the agenda in your bag when you are done. Quickly. You can stand up. Yes Amany? This is not the end of year exam. This is a normal agenda entry. We have normal homework for Saturday. Yes Rami. Do you have the agenda? Show it to me before you pack it away in your bag. Ok, pack it in your bag. Ok, pack it in your bag. Ok, in your bags. Come on, quickly, quickly! Show me what you wrote Jamila. Ok, pack it away in your bag. Pack it away in your bag. Hurry up Noor. We want to start reading. Hurry! Alright Abraham, hurry Everyone will read today. Alright, are we done with the agenda now. Yes. Before we start reading... Come on! Hurry up now! Quickly! We don't want to spend the whole period with the agenda! Muhammad, are you done with the agenda? You can write on a piece of paper if you've forgotten your agenda. Take your seat please! Muhammad, please put your agenda in front of you. The homework you wrote here... Reading, we know what's reading. Vocabulary, we know what's vocabulary; it is written in red. But the new thing that you wrote on the agenda... Open your reading books on page 173. Here. This page here. We need to extract. Meaning... We put our reading books in front of us, and our grammer notebooks in front of us. We then divide the grammar notebook page into two sections. We write the past tense of the verbs under the first colum. And the present tense under the second column. Then, we start reading from the text. You have to read with me. I specified in the homework the part you must read. From "when spring comes" here at the top. And "spring comes" until "electrical". We have to read those two paragraphs very well and extract the past and present tenses of the verbs in them. Go ahead. If the verb is in the past tense, then we write it under the past tense verb column. If the verb is in the present tense, then we write it under the present tense verb column. Do we understand? On which notebook do we write the homework? The grammar notebook. Alright. We put away the agenda. We will start reading. Whose book do I have in my hands? Naeem! Come on, Naeem. Quickly! Mahmoud please start reading. Yes Hadi? Yes Manoon? You can go to the bathroom when Rafic is back. Yes Muhammad? In the grammar notebook. Ok Muhammad start reading. Excuse me please! I will ask questions as we read. I want you all to follow along please. Come on Ebrahim! Let us open the book at our lesson. The flowers' festival in Zahla. Before we start reading let us talk a little bit about the lesson. Jamila, where is this story taking place? In which area? In Zahla. In the area of Zahla. Well done! What is Zahla famous for? We raise our hand before we answer Muhammad, right? It is famous for its flowers. What is this festival about? Flowers. Before we talk about the flowers' festival, How do houses look like in Zahla? Small. Ebrahim, small houses. What are the roofs made of? They are made of bricks. What do they cultivate in Zahla? Grapes and cherries. What did they do before they held the festival? How did they organize themselves? What did they divide? What did they do? Mahmoud! They divided themselves into groups. What was the first group? Ameen? A cleaning team. What is the cleaning team responsible for Ameen? Cleaning the city. Well done! Cleaning the city. What did they distribute around the city? Waste baskets. What do we usually use waste baskets for? Everyone will have a chance to talk. To throw grabage in them. We are done with the cleaning team. The second team Ahmed, what is the second team? The decoration team. Before the music team, let us talk about the decoration team. What did the decoration team do? It decorated the city with signboards that talk about Zahla. Jamila, what was the third team? The music team. Very good! What did they prepare for the festival? What did the music team prepare for the festival? Beautiful songs. Very good. We will read the paragraph that we just explained altogether and review the events in the text. Go on Mahmoud. Start reading please in a loud voice. The flowers' festival in Zahla. I learnt to love my city Zahla since my birth. My love for my city and my longing for its flowers' festival grew bigger as I grew up. My city is small. Small. Small in size. No, in its size. It encompasses the advantages of the capital Beirut and the village. Hiba, go on. It was build... No, not build, built. It was built in a green valley through which the Al Bardawee river flows. Al Bardawee. The gushing Al Bardawee. The gushing. Omar! Its houses were built on both sides of the riverbank. Both sides of the riverbank. Its red bricks soared up the hill tops untill they reached their peaks. Noor! Noor, raise your voice please! And it held... Muhammed! And joy fills the depths of our hearts. That we don't know what's more beautiful. Preparations... Preparations for the festival. Or the festival itself. Here is the cleaning team. This word is not team. What is the word? Teams. The cleaning teams.

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Lebanon
Language: Arabic
Producer: GLP- Lebanon
Director: Irene Herrera/Ron Carr
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Posted by: glplebanon on Jun 12, 2009

Jamila Jad in school.

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