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Unstoppable (2010)

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[alarm chirping] I'm Will Colson. We're working together today at Train 1206. Is there a problem? (old guy) I just don't like working in a damn daycare centre. I don't like working at the retirement home, so ... (Frank [Denzel]) Alright. This ain't training. In training they just give you an F. Out here you get killed. - Married? (Will) Sort of. It's a long story. How about you. You married? How about you. You married? (Frank) Got two beautiful daughters. (mother) Have fun! (bus driver) What do we do when we get to a railroad crossing? Stop, look and listen! [thunderous crash] (woman's voice) We have an unmanned train rolling into a highly populated area... ...with no air breaks? Yeah. (radio) 1206, 1206. (Frank) What's up? (radio) There's a unmanned train on the north bound train. (Frank) It's under power? It's coming straight at us. What are we worried about in terms of cargo? (woman) Eight freight cars of hazardous chemicals. We're not talking about a train. We're talking about a missile the size of the Chrysler building. - I need to know where that train is. (radio)>> We're not exactly sure. You're not sure, well, find out! Watch out! It gets worse. I've got 150 children coming in some field trip on Track 16. Train that size going that fast will vaporize anything in front it. (tv) We have been told to anticipate an event radius 20 to 45 miles. The only way to stop that kind of power.... ...ride it by the tail, going the opposite direction. Are you in or are you out? You want to kill yourself, you do it alone. Alright, you do what you want. Wait. (male voice) I'm not risking this company, just because some engineer wants to play hero. Not for you. Not doing it for you. This is Will Colson, your conductor. We're going to run this bitch down. (girl) Dad! (Frank) Tell your sister I love you both. The train is increasing in speed. (Frank) We're going to be coming in too hot! (Will) We just lost our brakes! Hey! Close your eyes if you wanna. You got a real knack for inspiring confidence, you know that? [Captions by]

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