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Somera Esperanto-Studado

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I have just spent a week in Slovakia, in this town close to Bratislava, but I don't speak any Slovak I was here to learn Esperanto at the lernu Summer Esperanto Study program was joined by 104 people from 22 countries I got to learn about other cultures... and share my own. The week was run by the organizers of "Lernu" Lernu is a website, which teaches Esperanto for free This international and neutral language is easy to learn and promotes free cultural exchange without bias to any speaker In the afternoons we had day-trips around the region and even a whole day in Vienna which included checking out the Esperanto museum In the mornings we had Esperanto lessons that were always lots of fun I was quickly comfortable to communicate with everyone entirely in Esperanto since it's the world's easiest language to learn It was a great chance to find out about this new international culture I had never been aware of and it was most of all, lots of fun! Here are some of the things we got up to during the week! We are learning the international language, Esperanto So everyone was trying to take a photo of me with a straight face Did you like this week? Yes! We played, we talked, we chatted together. It was lots of fun! This event was something I really liked. It was excellent! I really enjoyed the week! I am happy that the event went well and that everyone went away happy We were just discussing plans for upcoming events What an amazing week! It was the first of many Esperanto events that I'll be going to

Video Details

Duration: 3 minutes and 17 seconds
Country: Slovakia
Language: Esperanto
Producer: Benio Lewis
Director: Benio Lewis
Views: 2,191
Posted by: irishpolyglot on Oct 25, 2008

Ĉi jare mi sciiĝis pri Esperanto, la internacia kaj neŭtrala lingvo kiu estas tre facile por lerni kaj ĝi instigas al la malfermita interŝanĝo de kulturoj sen malegaleco inter parolantoj. Mi tre ŝatis la ideon, sed mi volis vidi se funkcias! Do, mi partoprenis la unua “Somera Esperanto-Studado”, kiun organizis la homoj de ; retpaĝaro por lerni Esperanton senpage. Mi vidis internacian komunumon kiu mi ne sciis ekzistis; nun mi scias ke Esperanto ne estas nur lingvo. Ĝi estas homoj kaj ideoj ke laboras kune. Mi esperas ke tiu ĉi malgranda video montros al vi kial mi nun partoprenos multajn esperantajn eventojn.

Skribu komentojn en mia blogo: kaj abonu por vedi aliajn filmetojn se vi ŝatis ĉi tiun filmeton :)

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