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I Shall Be Free No. 709

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"I SHALL BE FREE No. 709" - Bucky Spangler Now I am just a regular guy No more to me than meets the eye I got a white guy’s house with a white guy’s yard All my neighbors are white and we work real hard I live in a gated community I like it for the security You come to the gate they give me a page The guardhouse guy gets minimum wage I can lock the windows, deadbolt the door Set the alarm and enjoy my decor It’s a place where I can feel really free Where everyone is just like me It's a nice mix of folks, some I adore Some I don’t like, but nobody’s poor! I’ve got an 85 inch flat screen TV In every room of that house you see I got 300 channels, it’s quite an array I keep ‘em all tuned to Fox News all day I confess that I love it, cuz it scares me to death With its endless parade of zombie shibboleths I love their indignity, love how they holler It’s your best entertainment bang for the dollar You want to tell me that that stuff isn’t true But I know that it is so the joke is on you! Now I’m Libertarian to a degree I think everybody should be free To get for themselves and be self-reliant You think you don’t like it just wait till you try it! You earn it you’ll keep it, isn’t that fair? The fittest survive - nobody shares! Look, nothing has ever been handed to me We’ve all got the same opportunity The only thing stopping you, holding you in Is the color of your culture not the color of your skin! Why, hard work, faith, dedication and luck What more do you need to be making a buck? We live in a new enlightened era for sure Where nobody needs check their guns at the door We got freedom so real you can just about taste it If anything gets in your way you just waste it! Now everybody's got the need for protection You gotta protect yourself from the ones protectin’ Themselves from the ones that aren’t protectin' themselves at all Wait a minute! I think I see a dark shadow out the end of that hall I’m comin’ out blastin’ hope I hit someone Thank god I had the good sense to buy this gun! So that’s my story – but I’ve had it all wrong There ain’t no money in singing a song I’m gonna run for office “Vote for me!” I’ll tell ya how it’s gonna be You wanna get food stamps? You gotta be tested Pee in the cup or we’ll have you arrested Don’t got your papers? You’ll soon be deported Pregnant and scared? Well, it won’t be aborted! I’m only doing the will of the master Hear what I say or you flirt with disaster Do what I say and someday you’ll be free Of everything... except People like me! © Bucky Spangler 2015

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Posted by: tordiway on Mar 13, 2016

I Shall Be Free No. 709

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