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The Old Man & the Sea

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THE OLD MAN & THE SEA - Based on the novel by Ernest Hemingway A film by ALEXANDER PETROV Supper! Hmm? Wake up! We're gonna have supper. I'm not very hungry... Come on! Eat! You can't fish and not eat! I have. You're not fishing without eating well while I'm alive! Ha! Ha! I'll live a long time. Take care of yourself. Santiago! Ah? I could go with you again! We've made some money... No, noooo. You're on a lucky boat now... I'm not using [...] because It's been 84 days since I caught a fish. Stay with them. It was papa who made me leave. I am a boy! And I must obey him! I know... As it's quite normal. When I was your age, I was before the mast on the square rigged-ship that run to Africa. I have seen lions on the beaches in the evening... Yeah! I know... You told me. Tomorrow is going to be a good day with this current! Where you're gonna go? Far out. [...] to come in when the wind shifts. Santiago? How old was I, when you first took me in a boat? Five. And you nearly were killed, when I brought the fish in to [...]. And it nearly tore the boat to pieces. Can you remember? I remember everything from when we first went together. Good luck. [...] Good luck old man. Huh? [...] got something... Huh? Ah! There you are little lad! You'll make a beautiful bait. There might be a big fish around this school. It has to be swimming near by. Yes! Yes! There it is! I cannot loose this chance. He's far out... He must be HUGE in this month! Eat it! Come on fish, EAT IT! He WILL take it. God, help him to take it. Come eat the [...] and let me put the harpoon into you. Are you ready? Now! What's that? My God! What a weight!

Video Details

Duration: 19 minutes and 55 seconds
Country: Canada
Language: English
Genre: Animated
Producer: Bernard Lajoie
Director: Aleksandr Petrov
Views: 170
Posted by: tinaki on Feb 25, 2013

A wonderful and inspiring adaptation of Earnest Hemingway's story of the same title. Aleksandr Petrov, the one man Army behind this classic adaptation, has achieved so many well deserved prestigious awards for this once in a life time movie that can be made.

The film won many awards, including the Academy Award for Animated Short Film. Work on the film took place in Montreal over a period of two and a half years and was funded by an assortment of Canadian, Russian and Japanese companies.

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