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On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate yourself as a coach? I think I would give myself a fair 6 or 7, truth be told. I'm fairly taken up by work on a day I mean sometimes it spoils it, it's occasional It doesn't always happen but I do get taken away from being a coach over at the CC I rate a 6 or 7 because I think I could do more to help the members over there unfortunately, i'm still only one person and majority of the things is being done by just one person i'm the janitor, i'm also the coach i'm also the administrative person and everything So it is a bit tough I do wish i can put in more hours but unfortunately you know reality just doesn't allow you to do so So what are the areas you think you can improve as a coach? I think Specifically I feel if i could put in more time to help the guys I would really love to do it because i think training doesn't stop after 2 to 3 hours in fact, martial arts, if you really want to get a good rush yeah, 1 or 2 hours is fun but if you gonna really have a good training day 10 hours is never enough even Putting more time, putting more effort, doing more research on effective training methods dieting plans with the guys some of the things that i actually did think about but never execute, i do hope that we can go to that area of course another thing is i do hope to get some more serious accreditation to me as a person as well as being a coach cause one of the things that I do feel that i'm very very lacking in is actually accreditation and acknowledgement from Martial Arts bodies that i am visible as a trainer I would say this is one of the biggest weak points

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