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Good morning everyone. Hi Mom and Dad. I want to talk today about something we each have in common. Time. On a day like today, parents most likely will wonder where all the time you had parenting has gone. Class mates, you may be feeling the same way about our high school years. Time truly does wait for no one. It has better things to do than to hold itself up for you, and thank goodness for that. Imagine time stopping still, for every time we had to finish something we procrastinated doing. Or if time rewinded every time we wanted to go back and change something stupid we said or did. We would never move forward. But we also would never learn how to value the continuous individual moments we have. Time may create the illusion that it is only taking away from you. But it will always give you exactly what you need, when you need it. Your happiness, success, and satisfaction lies in how you use its gift. We all have moments where we feel as if we've lost control of time. Mine happened in the Spring of my Junior year, when a knee injury ended my track season early. It was a pain and struggle just for me to walk, let alone jog. It was an even bigger pain to watch my season go on in absence of me, because of course, time will go on with or without you. I had worked so hard to get where I was, devoted so much time, and it seemed like I had so easily lost everything. I was angry and I was frustrated. I remember feeling robbed and cheated out of what I had earned. When you're sitting at the bottom, you have time to ask a lot of questions. Why did this happen to me? And where do I go now? I would advise not to waste time asking questions, but rather focus on rallying yourself, because after all, when you're at the bottom, the only place to go is up. After some rehabilitation, I finally became strong enough on that knee to jog again. From there, I had my eyes set only on getting back to where I had been before. But this time, it felt different. My perspective on running, and life outside of running, had changed. Beforehand, I was naïve to think that I was owed anything, and that my payoff would come with no adversity. That I could reap the fruits of my labor without first withstanding a drought. Afterward, I did not continue running for any victory that could come in a competition, or for any acknowledgement from others. I chose to keep running because I chose to keep living. Running for me soon became nothing about a tangible end product, but rather, the best use of my time. I love the feeling of it, the sense of pride, and the self-driven purposes that it gave me. For me, it it something that makes me feel truly alive, and that's something worth doing every day. I would encourage everyone to find something that makes them feel this alive. People often like to hand down the advice to other people to "just give it time." If I had listened to that, I wouldn't have gotten to where I wanted to go. I'd rather give it blood, sweat, and tears, and take back that control over time. How you use your gift of time will determine your outcomes. When you give something all that you have, and you find purpose and people to chase it with, your time will never feel wasted. Win or lose, you won't look back on something with regrets if you spend time passionately and with conviction. A popular Chinese proverb says, "The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, the second best time, is now." But remember that time is still moving and it will not wait for you, so don't wait twenty years from now to realize you should have planted that tree. Use every moment and follow passion in whatever you do, and you will continue to move forward and grow, as well as explore peace of mind and happiness. Thank you.

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