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My name is Bob Borisoff and I am presently 90 years of age, having been born on July 11th, 1925. Disease... death, kindness Old, wrinkly Old, wizened, bingo The words given by the students trend negative but the pictures seem more neutral overall besides for the bottom left one of the nursing home. Bob's picture is nearly the same as two of the student drawings as they all show an elderly person watching TV. This doesn't really support Goodale's report, as overall there isn't a huge positive or negative trend. What's a typical day in your life now? A typical nonweekend, a typical, say, Monday on, a typical weekday will start by my responding to an alarm clock that I typically set for 8 a.m. Then I will get dressed. Having finished with that, I will then go downstairs and retrieve the newspaper from outside eat breakfast by having readily, easily obtainable foods such as Yoplait yogurt coffee or generally a Coke to get me started, since it's less complicated than hot coffee. And then, having completed that cycle, I will review what my obligations are that day and then get down to such bookkeeping, bill-paying, and so forth. Then relax, and then, I suppose, as a retired person, watch television. What would you say was the worst part of your life? When as an eight-year-old child I saw my father coming home at the end of a day with the marks of a terrible physical fight he had had. His face was bloody, his business suit was ripped and then he explained that he had been jumped by three Nazis. And suddenly my whole world as an eight-year-old child collapsed as we had to immediately leave [Berlin, Germany] my losing my friends and toys and, as a small child, not understanding quite what happened. What would you say the best time of your life was? The best time of my life started with my accidentally meeting my future wife in a downtown doctor's office and from that point on, we knew immediately that we were to be together. That was many years ago, and it was followed up by the delightful raising of four wonderful offspring. What do you think about the future? That's a toughie to respond to because it's about my personal life. I would say that I'm hoping that I maintain reasonable health and stay in this house that's represented a long, great marriage and bringing up four wonderful kids. This is a great reminder, and I'd like it to be my home for now and as long as I last. Misconceptions about aging most likely come from lack of significant time spent with the elderly. If young people were to spend more time with their older family members, they would likely see that they live happy lives that are active within their own abilities and that aging doesn't have to be a scary process. This would lead to a better understanding between the two groups. Without this understanding, people might not take the elderly's opinions into account when making important life decisions for them. From what he said while he was being interviewed, Bob does fit in with the integrity side of the last stage of Erikson's stages. He looks back fondly on his family life and his work, and he'd like to stay in his own home where he feels comfortable.

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