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Paul Hawken - Life Arising

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global oneness project Life Arising Nobody knows how it's organized, no more than we know how the human body is organized. Paul Hawken - Northern California - Environmentalist, Entrepreneur, Author We do not understand how the human body works. We understand a lot about the workings of it. I want to make that very clear; scientists are brilliant. But if you step back and say, "Well, really, how does it all work?" we have no idea. And the human body is composed of a hundred trillion cells, and that's the human cells. There's another 900 trillion which are nonhuman; there's a quadrillion cells. And at any given moment in the human body, there's one septillion activities going on, which is the one with 24 zeroes, which is 10 times as many stars and planetary bodies in the whole of the universe, and that's going on every second in our body right now. We have no idea how it organizes itself to be able to sit here and have a conversation. It's a complete mystery. And what we know is that we have a name for it, though, and we call it life, but what we also know when we are honest with ourselves is we have no idea how life really works. There are certain principles, like life tends to organize from the bottom up; it's not a top down organization. And so what we're seeing is this movement is the same thing. We're seeing a human arising, if you will, of heart, of conscience, of intelligence, arising from the bottom up. And we who have been well-schooled in hierarchies and wars and military and corporations and CEOs and presidents and fame and fortune still have our eyes turned towards the top down world when, in fact, the birth of the world is coming up from the grassroots and it's hard to know that because it's not validated by anything we see. - Footage courtesy of the Pachamama Alliance

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Posted by: global on Sep 25, 2009

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