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What would an ultimate cat look like? Would it be bigger? Better? This is Sinbad, a captive bred supercat Not a lion, or a tiger but a liger. At 900 pounds, Sinbad is almost a hundred times the size of a house cat. And twice the weight of a lion or a tiger. Dr Bhagavan Antle has raised Sinbad since he was born. This Bengal tiger is about 500 pounds a fully mature male He's got a large head, big bones structure but he's dwarf when you see this huge liger boy. His head is almost twice the size of this Bengal tiger's. He's so long from tip to nose here that you got an enormous structure. The weapon in this huge jaw muscles and his big bones just make him be an enormous character. You're a good boy. This liger is the product of bizarre breeding. It does not exist in the wild. A liger is created by breeding a male lion with a female tiger. The result is a hybrid offspring that is abnormally large. In size, in weight, a liger simply dwarfs his parents. Its massive skull alone can be 40 percent larger than a lion's or a tiger's. An enormous thick bone structure and can be actually the size of their mother and father combined. Enormous beast. Scientists are still trying to understand why hybrids like ligers can become so much larger than their parents. What they do know is that ligers are missing the growth inhebiting gene that gives them an enormous size. They only live in captivity but the scale of their predatory tours is unmatched even in nature. Ligers share the same ancestor hardware with other big cats. The only real difference is size. Like lions and tigers, a liger's mass of canines are set deep inside the skull, like giant screws. Big cats have enormously long teeth but a lot of the tooth is actually hidden inside the skull. This much of the tooth you kind of see is covered in enamel that much of the tooth actually is exposed and is used for the killing bite. The rest of this is inside the skull. Deep inside the skull it's planted in and held fast so that it's able to take the enormous tore that gonna be produced by the animal biting down and then pulling back If it had a smaller structure to it these teeth would be breaking off and this how they hold in the place.

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animal hybrids with subtitles

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