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Audio Technica ATW-CHG2 Wireless Mic Battery Charger

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♪♫♪♫♪ I’m with Steven Savanyu of Audio-technica. The AT 2000 series wireless microphones have been extremely popular. Audio-Technica’s now come out with a new smart charger for the AT 2000, it’d be the “A” series of microphones, and it’s all integrated, smart-charging, senses whether you have alkaline batteries in there, to tell us more, Steve Savanayu of Audio-Technica...[to Steve]

Thank you. Well we are here with the 2000 series ATW-CHG2 intelligent charger. One of the issues that you have is “We use AA size alkaline batteries in our transmitters.” The problem is if a user drops a transmitter into a standard battery charger with AA batteries in it you’re gonna have a fire or an explosion or something else that could either damage the transmitter or the charger. With our intelligent charger, if you drop a charger in with AA batteries, the charger will sense that and after about 30 seconds the red light on the front of the charger will flash, telling you you’ve got the wrong kind of batteries in that transmitter. If you drop the microphone in with standard nickel metal hydride [NiMH] rechargeable batteries, the charger will sense the NiMH batteries and charge it.

The other thing with this charger is you can leave the transmitters in the charger because once they’ve reached full charge, they go into a “maintenance mode” charge which will continue to keep the batteries topped off the whole time they’re in the charger. That’s the ATW-CHG2 intelligent charger for the 2000 A series wireless from Audio-Technica. ♪♫♪♫♪♫...

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Producer: Ron Simonson
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Posted by: ccisolutions on Jun 15, 2012

CCI Solutions Ron Simonson and Audio Technica product guru Steve Savanyu introduce the new ATW-CHG2 battery charger for the ATW 2000 series wireless systems.

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