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GFP Canopy Market meca

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The whole world agrees that tropical rain forests are invaluable for humanity So, if there is something we are going to work on, it’s forest issues I think there is a tremendous conflict different visions on how to solve the global forest crisis on the one hand there is the big vision that you can do it through market mechanisms and on the other hand there is a trememdous concern for people working on social issues We have problems, we have challenges but some of these challenges can be turned into opportunities The future of our forests resides in the payment an equitable payment, for the conservation of biodiversity We need to run in REDD So they are more or less giving money to countries to reduce their deforestation I think the reason REDD more or less caught on fire is because it captures the imagination It doesn’t get rid of the actual problem that there are people in other countries that want cheap woods products Preservation of ancient growth forests is really really important because they are the ones that have the largest carbon storage capacity Forests that are really degraded will benefit more so, that causes a problem We ask ourselves, should we degrade more to benefit more? One policy won't be specific to all the different areas in the world There must be some way to create a credit system based on the value-added that a healthy forest management can bring to the planet The forest's contribution in the GDP in countries is often very low We should create business that make money while protecting the environment Carbon markets in general are a positive development in the sense that they are directing more private investment in sustainable forest management and reforestation and other activities that slow deforestation Those kinds of markets have first of all they've proven over the last six months to be totally unreliable and unstable the most victims of that are women, are ingineous people local communities, people that cannot compete in such big international markets It's going to be very difficult for us if we don't understand If you just come and tell me you give me money for carbon credits I'll just be interested in the money I won't even know the implications We always doubt of the effectiveness of carbon markets in our countries but we think that the carbon markets should get better and better That's where we call on the international to support our countries to develop sustainable financing mechanisms

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Posted by: gfpcanopy on Sep 17, 2009

GFP Canopy Market meca

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