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08_Katie Bishops Wonderbag dish

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I'm food-writer Kathy Bishop and I'm an absolute fan of the Wonderbag. Today I'm going to show you a really quick and easy recipe that I make for my family all the time. It's a chicken brace with bacon and leeks. So the Wonderbag could be easy to use. You basically start your cooking of on the stove. And you put your pot, with its lid on into the Wonderbag, put it's little hat on the top seal it up and then you're free to do whatever you like while your food cooks to perfection. The really great thing I find about cooking vegetables in the Wonderbag is that they really retain their texture so you don't end up with some mush in the bottom of your pan that you get lovely chunky vegetables at the end of cooking. So I've got a lovely hot pan here and I'm going to add some dry streaky bacon into the pan. It's a dry pan, I haven't added any extra fat. I find that, when I'm cooking with the Wonderbag, I actually don't need to add as much fat to my cooking as I do conventionally. So, get that nice and golden, takes about a minute. And next I'm going to add 8 pieces of chicken on the bone into my pan. Now chicken cooks so well in the Wonderbag, it's lovely and tender and cooks all the way through beautifully. I'm just going to turn those pieces in the pan I want to get those nice and golden and well coloured all the way over. So next I'm going to add a tablespoon of plain flower that's going to give my sauce a lovely glossy thick finish. And then, some dry white wine, now you could use stock if you want to but either way whatever liquid you use when you are cooking with the Wonderbag you only need to use about half the amount that you would when you're cooking conventionally because it doesn't evaporate in the bag. Right. So next, in go our leeks. I just left these whole in their skin but you could halve them if you want to. Then, some crème fraiche and a little Dijon mustard which will just give a lovely flavour to the finished dish. Just give that a good stir bring it up to the boil. And then I'm just going to recude it down to a simmer. So this has had 15 minutes of simmering now and that's all the heat that it needs. The Wonderbag is going to do the rest. So just pop the lid on, turn the gas off. So the hot pot goes straight from the stove into your Wonderbag. Pop it's little had on and then just pull the drawstrings to seal the whole thing up. And this needs to be left for about 4 hours now so the chicken is nice and tender. So in a fact, that is just 30 minutes of really, really easy cooking and that leave me loads of time to go do lots of fun stuff. The thing I really love about the Wonderbag is the fact that I know that nothing is going to burn or overcook in it. I just know there is a lovely crock meal waiting for me at home. That was a fantastic afternoon, but I'm absolutely starving now so let's get my Wonderbag open. And get some supper sorted out. Oh, that smells absolutely fantastic! I think all it needs now is a little bit of seasoning, some fresh herbs, and I'm ready to eat.

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08_Katie Bishops Wonderbag dish

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