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Peter and the Wolf

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Now this is the story of the...the... the... Peter and the Wolf As you know, in the musical score of Peter and the Wolf each character is represented by a corresponding instrument in the orchestra. Peter, by the string quartet. The bird, whose name is Sasha, by a flute way up high. Sonia, the duck, by an oboe, like this And here is Ivan the cat, represented by a clarinet, in a very low, ehemm, in a very low register. Granpapa is an old bassoon The shooting of the hunters' guns, by the kettledrums. And there is also a wolf. Little does that wolf know what's in store for him this day For our hero, little Peter, armed to the teeth, is setting forth to capture him. uh oh, there seems to have been a change of plans For Peter's grandpapa thinks that little boys like Peter should not go out to hunt the wolf. This is very embarrasing for a great hunter And this is Sasha, the little bird we told you about excitable little chap, isn't he? Forgetful too. Hello Peter, what goes? ... where're you going, huh? Can I go, Petey? Can I help? Oh, boy, a gun! loaded too! goin' huntin'? oh, oh, that's for me! Everything's okay, Petey. Come on, let's go! The wolf! Oh, it isn't the wolf at all. It's only Sonia, the duck Hello, Sonia. Hello, Petey. Now Sonia wants to join the party. Imagination is a wonderful thing! But sometimes it can run away with you. You coward! Now who is this? Well, it can't be... Oh, he he, no. It's Ivan, the cat Hello, Ivan Ivan is a peaceful fun loving sort maybe a shy on the brains, you know the type Hey, look out Sasha! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Oh, how can they ever get any place if they're gonna fight among themselves? Ivan, you oughta to be ashamed You big bully, you cat in the grass. Come on Sasha! Ivan's sorry. He won't do it again.

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Duration: 7 minutes and 37 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: Walt Disney
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Posted by: tonhaco on May 8, 2008

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