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HOM 4 - Why Reptilians did not move freely on earth

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Hi, this is Jack, again. So, I was where the Annunaki placed themselves, as per agreement with the Atlanteans, in the Earths core (around there). Their planet was out in the universe, but not far (quite near to Earth, itself); and interdimensional, though. So, what they had learned from the Atlanteans was that everything, in its essence (that which it actually consist of/the foundation), is sound; and the development of gold, itself, was done through a specific method of sound frequency manifestation. The tools, specifically, they used (to develop gold) was through the sound frequency resonance. So, they tried an interesting method which they hadnt considered previously. When they had that other planet (the one which I told you about, the first one), what they didnt take into consideration is the following: They dont actually have to be there the whole time. They didnt have to assign people of their race/beings of their race to remain there the whole time and manifest gold in the specific way they did it. Theyre actually able to have gold automatically manifest in the Earth, and then come back now and then; and thus, obtain the gold when necessary. So, they placed in crystals. Now, these specific crystals were given to them by the Atlanteans, which was the manifestation of the specific sound frequency which they required to manifest this gold from; and they placed it into four corners of the world, inside the Earth. Now, if you take the Earth and you draw like a square inside it, those four points (exactly in the center) was where they placed these crystals with a specific sound resonance and sound frequency, which would then specifically align that which is necessary within the core of the Earth to manifest gold. They then designed a specific gridline in the Earth; this gridline was where, accordingly, this gold would manifest inside the Earth, as the Earth. Thats exactly how it happened. Then, all they were required to do was, of course, dig up (to a certain extent)--well get there in a moment. Firstly, it wasn’t manifested (in terms of, they didn’t need to ‘dig it up,’ they merely just came and fetched it interdimensionally). It’s like sticking your hand through a wall. Let’s say you’re building a wall, a cement wall; and in the center of that wall, you’re placing in a gold piece. You build it--it’s dried--everything. Then, you have someone basically reaching in, grabbing a hold of that gold piece, pulling out their hand with the gold piece, and the wall and everything still remains the same. That’s basically how it was done. But, it was not yet manifested as this physical manifestation (reasonably, but not completely); everything was merely sound movement. You’re probably asking, “Were there trees? Were there animals? Was there plants, flowers, insects?” Yes and no [quick laugh]. The Atlanteans, themselves, inhabited this Earth because of the water; but it wasn’t “water,” it was sound movement in a manifested expression. In terms of what you see now as trees and plants were [quick laugh] interesting; the Atlanteans would take their child expressions. There was a manifested land ‘form,’ yes. That was that which basically stabilized this entire planet in its manifested expression; otherwise, you’d have, basically, this planet being water and it just fell, infinitely--[laughs] that’s what they didn’t want. So, the Earth, to a certain extent, contained the water and contained the manifested form of Earth. You had the central point, which is the core of the Earth (which you know of), which was there for gravitation, of course. All these things, the Atlanteans placed in. Because there were many planets in the galaxy then that didn’t have a core where you’re able to manifest. Also, they existed ON the planet, but interdimensionally; so, their manifestations were ‘interdimensionally.’ I’d say that Earth was the only planet where gravitation existed. Because of the Atlanteans; they were very wise [laughs]. Now you’re asking, “Where does manifestation actually come from? Where does this [grabs one hand with the other, and vice versa] physical form come from?” From the Earth’s core, because of gravitation/because of that gravitation point in the Earth’s core, as the Earth’s core. (Excuse my definitions of specific words, but I’m completely going back to that moment where I observed everything and learned everything; and so, these definitions (lots of definitions) didn’t really exist. So, I’m explaining it as best I am able to, to have you kind of comprehend and understand what went on/what was going on.) So, the actual manifestation [grabs one hand with the other, and vice versa] of this world as it is was because of the Earth’s core, the gravitation principle. Why? Because--what am I able to take as example? You have those things children play with, that you kind of pull out, you string it out [Jack is referring to a “slinky”]. It’s a round circular ‘play thing’ [makes a spiral movement with finger--showing the structure/formation of a slinky, end-to-end], and you can play with it up-and-down, up-and-down. So, let’s say, for instance, you have this thing stretched out (and it looks different, it looks individual in its expression); then, in terms of the Earth’s core, [takes the ‘stretched out slinky’ and begins ‘closing’ it] that brought all of this galaxy and universe’s components together into one [‘closed slinky’--interlocks fingers together], which is compression/which caused compression. Okay, this is Jack. I´ll continue in my next interview.

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History of Man 4 - Why Reptilians did not move freely on earth

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