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The Campaign (2012)

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♪ [Bachman Turner Overdrive - Takin' Care of Business] (Will Ferrell as Cam Brady) How's my hair? (Jason Sudeikis as Mitch) Strong. So Strong. (Cam) My hair could lift a car off a baby, if it had to. (Mitch) Absolutely. (Cam) That's what I like to hear. ♪ Takin' care of business ♪ Education is our future. Farmer are this nation's backbone. Bankers... Bankers... Women... Veterans... Philipino Tilt-A-Whirl operators are this nation's backbone. Salama. (Reporter) Cam Brady will win his fifth term in Congress, simply by signing the registration ballot. That's one of the perks of running unopposed. Let's get this bad boy signed. [door clunking] (Zach Galifianakis as Marty) I don't know if that's supposed to be push here or pull. Hey. (Cam) Who is that guy? (Marty, with pronounced lisp) This has been my dream - runnin' for office (reporter) You're challenging our four-term Congressman. How do you expect to do that? [silence] Da, say that again? Now that I'm runnin' for Congress, we're gonna be under a lot of scrutiny. Anybody have anything that they want to share with us? (boy) I said the Lord's name in vain at school. Is that it? (boy 2) I went to the petting zoo, and I let the goat lick my weiner. (Cam) That little guy's a weirdo. I'm gonna smoke that clown. We've got some work to do. Right? (Cam) How you doin'? (Marty) Hate to break it to you, my friend, but your balloon's getting ready to pop. And that balloon's full of your own butt toots. (Cam) Are you trying to trash talk me? You're momma's like a vacuum cleaner. She sucks, she blows, and get's laid in a closet. That's what nuts feel like. (Marty) Washington D.C. is a mess. How do you say it's a mess in Hebrew? (rabbi) Balagan. (Marty) Donkey Kong? (Cam) You want a holy war, little man? Let me hear a Cam Brady O-12! Oooow! Shove a throwing star up a Chinese monkey's... [gasps] ♪ [The Black Keys - "Gold on the Ceiling"] (Cam) I refuse to move, and I will win! (Marty) This dog has a lot of fight in him. Marty Huggins? What have you got there. Is that a crossbow? Aaaah! Whoa! Black Hawk down! Gentlemen, we've got some babies to kiss. (Cam) That's my baby to kiss. ♪ They wanna get my gold on the ceiling ♪ [slow mo groan] He just punched a baby. Is anyone asking how my hand feels after punchin' that iron-like jaw of that baby? [Captions by]

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