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Only Nixon

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-You know Richard Nixon was a pretty bad president -Yeah I agree he did do some bad stuff -I mean did he even do anything other than the watergate scandal? - I dont think so *gasp* is that Richard Nixon? yeah and I was a pretty good president here's why Open up your eyes shut your mouth and see I’m Nixon the best president that could ever be I always appealed to the silent majority And there’s nothing you can do it about it Created a new policy called new federalism Now federal programs are under state supervision I created the EPA to protect the trees The environment was dying saw the warning signs Expanded the war into cambodia Congress didn't consent not even flo-rida Replaced the u.s. troops with the vietnamese Called it vietnamization and that’s bees knees Richard Nixon War powers act Richard nixon 37th president My detente plans eased tensions with communists Talked to China and the so-vi-ets SALT talks signed a couple treaties Next thing you know I halted nuclear competing The second term was going great Then they all found out about watergate CREEP broke into the democratic hotel Didn’t cover their tracks so it all-all fell Couldn’t be connected to this conspiracy So i hid the tapes so that no one else could see Congress found out and tried to fire me But I quit and there's nothing you can do about it Richard Nixon Watergate scandal Washington Post Ruined my legacy Richard Nixon Watergate scandal Espionage Ford's the president now I’m not a I’m not a cro-ook look at my look my do-og I’m not a I’m not a cro-ook Richard Nixon Watergate scandal Saturday night massacre Ruined my legacy Richard Nixon Watergate scanda Tapped the wires Got away with it

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Posted by: kailaalston1 on May 23, 2017

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