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Robert McChesney habla de “Cómo el capitalismo hace que Internet juegue en contra de la democracia”

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the Internet is not solely responsible for the collapse of journalism. I think that media consolidation has led to a shrinking of newsrooms, relatively, over the last 25 years. It's not a new thing. But what the Internet has done is it has greatly accelerated it and made it permanent. Right now we're faced with a dark situation that there's really no way to make—commercial interests can make money doing journalism, in any significant level. They might be able to do it for elites, business community, in the largest markets. But the notion of having a broad popular commercial journalism, as we understood for the last hundred years as sort of natural, that's no longer in existence. And what's taken place online—and I write about this in the book—that's, I think, most important—and I don't think many people are aware of this—the nature of advertising is changing radically. We're going through what's—a shift from the traditional idea that an advertiser buys spots on a TV show or in a newspaper, and then the medium takes that money and bankrolls its content, so the journalism and the entertainment is paid for by the ads, and then that's the deal. You know, it comes with strings attached, but that's another side of the story. Online, increasingly advertising goes directly to whoever they want to reach, and none of the money goes to the website or the content, or only a smidgen goes to it. They know so much now—they know everything about us at Facebook and Google and all these companies—that if they say, "We want to hit a million women, 18 to 23, who might be thinking about buying a car in the next six months. We want them immediately, " they will find those women, whatever websites they go to. And so, there's no money in that for the websites. That goes to the networks, run by people like Google and Microsoft and Yahoo! and AOL. They pocket most of that money, because they run these massive Internet empires. What that means for journalism, again, is a disaster. It means, simply, if we're going to have paid journalists, working journalists, competing in newsrooms with fact checkers and copy editors, who have got the institutional support to go up against powerful interests, it's not happening online. There's just nothing there to suggest it ever will happen. It's going to be a public policy issue of the highest magnitude to solve that problem.

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Posted by: democracynowes on Apr 5, 2013

Robert McChesney habla de “Cómo el capitalismo hace que Internet juegue en contra de la democracia”

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