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Tonu Soidla Interview - Part 2 - July 20, 2010

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— …Well, and the third story which taught me, perhaps, an important lesson, too: I was walking the Path a little bit already and came to… I was engaged in a certain dialogue with the world, with the Kosmos perhaps by invoking… Well, for example, I was talking in a secret code which responded to me with the numbers on car plates of the cars that passed my by. Well, as such a fortunetelling book can be any book; and the sillier, the better. It was very silly but our dialogue sometimes went to a big intensity; and then, at some point of dialogue, I started to receive answers that explained to me how much a despicable creature I was; and… well, I will not go into detail, for anyway it so accurately hit my weak ponts that I couldn't convey the force of it right now; I would have to speak for a very long time to do so. The hits were very accurate and very sensitive; and then I was thinking what should I do now, should I hang myself or what?.. And at that moment I saw an ancient icon lying on my table. By that time I knew energies that were quite wild, energies that were quite rough… Also there were strong but friendly energies… for instance, in my imagination I was sitting in a very bad lotus posture; and I couldn't get myself into a good lotus posture, and I am still not capable to! And in my imagination I was exploding heads of my friends with the flashes of energies which, as I understood myself, were quite beneficial and which, as I thought, should be very good for my friends, too. So that's a few different kinds of energies; but at that moment, the moment when I took this ancient icon with my heands I felt energy which was absolutely different from any other energies. It was some kind of cool, invigorating flow that moved— well because of exercises in bioenergetics my hands were quite sensitive, they were constantly in training— and I felt this cool, invigorating flow… oh how I drank this flow with my hands! And all the silly answers to all these silly questions of mine, all of them… ah… all of it was going away… I was in a different marriage then; and the relationships with my wife were quite horrible; so I came home, and there I played with my kid and did nothing, didn't communicate with anybody specifically… And then, after a few years passed, my wife, during another one of the series of arguments about our relationships, said: "You in your life were a good man only once! It was…"—and there she gave a precise description of that day; and then I understood… I understood right away that when I came home and didn't do anything I wasn't me, it was a different man. This very energy that came to me, it transformed me absolutely for some time. And this is why the understanding of the multilevel nature of energetic… well, fields… or I don't know how to refer to them… it's a very mysterious phenomenon here… but anyway of that which is perceived as a field, that this field profoundly has many levels; and these levels are fundamentally different from each other… that there are— simply put, there is a heightened energetics and so on; but to speak about it is something insignificant… But wait, I probably did wrong when I said something like that. Well, usually you can easily understand what a young person means when he or she speaks about an energy [a vibe]… So the words I just said here, it's just for me, it's my own education: I just lessened my stupidity a little bit. So, these are the three stories, so to say! — These are wonderful three stories!

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Part 2 of the interview with Tonu Soidla, Ph. D., D. Sc., leading scientist of the Institute of Cytology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, Russia. Filmed on July 20, 2010 for

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