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Nila and Arun's Engagement Speech

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Good evening. For those of you who may not know me... name is Angela. I am one of Nila's best friends from university. I got to know Nila for a solid year before she and Arun started dating... ...and in that time, I often wondered what kind of a man deserved Nila. From what I understood, she possessed a lot of worthwhile qualities... humility, generosity, kindness, and compassion toward others. But one of my favourite things about Nila... that she doesn’t wholly subscribe to today’s individualistic culture. She cares about people. Whether it be cousin, aunt, uncle, friend, parent, partner... give yourself in equal parts to all whom you love. I know that if she loves me, she also loves the people in my life. Forget family-oriented, she inspires me to be person-oriented. So when I first heard that there was a boy named Arun... ...that Nila was interested in... ...I was really curious, mainly because... ...Nila had never been the kind of girl... ...who cared about what boys thought of her. Then, two weeks into their relationship, when Nila came up to me... ...and declared with complete conviction that she loved Arun... ...I had to take her seriously. Coming from anyone else, I may have questioned it a little bit more... ...but Nila, I believed. Now, 6 years later, the fact that we are all gathered here to celebrate... ...their engagement is an indication of Nila's ability... introspect, decide on what she wants, and go for it completely... ...body and soul. As for Arun, when I finally met him... ...he was able to transition beautifully... ...from best friend's boyfriend, to friend, to brother... Even more impressive was his ability to smoothly integrate... ...into our group of five girls... ...all of whom have very different personalities, ...yet embody a lot of the same values, ...but most importantly, ...are fiercely protective of each other's well-being. He was able to - I'm not a crier. He was able to come in, break down our walls, ...become an invested part of our group, ...and he has received nothing but unwavering adoration... ...from each and every one of us for the last six years... ...and that, in itself, is an accomplishment, ...and it's also a testament of how amazing his character is. Since the time we met, he has always been there for us. A few years ago, I was trying to get my G2. He would drive down from Brampton to Hamilton to see Nila... ...but he would also carve out an hour or two... ... just to take me to practice driving. The fact that I can drive in a straight line today... in huge part a credit to him. Okay, yeah, so the fact that Brampton roads are... ...a little bit more unsafe with me in it... also in huge part a credit to him, but we won’t dwell on that. Another moment that stands out in my mind is… of our friends, Shazma, maybe a year ago... ...was out with a friend late at night, and their car battery gave away. It was maybe one or two in the morning... ...but one of the first people she called was Arun. He got out of bed, ...gathered all the tools he thought he would need, ...and rushed over to help, no questions asked. I just want to put in perspective that... ...myself and Shazma are Nila's friends. Technically, Arun doesn't owe us anything. But how well he treats us and the rest of the people in Nila's life... ...should be a reflection not only of his generosity and caring nature... ...but also of how much he loves Nila. As a friend, I could ask for nothing more.

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Nila and Arun's Engagement Speech

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