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The half of it

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Hi, we are Gina, Aitziber and me, MagalĂ­ and we will be reviewing the movie The half of it that we've seen on Netflix, directed by Alice Wu Yeah Well me... as you both said, I think it's a good movie But it's not my favourite. I've seen better movies Or some movies have caught my attention more than this one I think it was like a really plain movie It didn't really... Well it didn't catch my attention a lot I was... at some points it was kind of long for me, I got kind of bored But at the same time I think it's a great topic and it's... it has... Well, I don't know But, the acting, i'm not sure about the acting what did you two think about it? Because... Yeah, me too but I think that the main characters... act Well, the... their acting was good it was... I connected with them But, the extras and the side characters I didn't really like them I didn't think they were really natural and I didn't like... Well, I didn't like the acting of the extras And specially the boyfriend, Aster's boyfriend, Trig I think his name was Yeah Basically So, yeah... I don't know... Yeah, that was really nice, yes And I would also add that in this part that... talking about the lgbtq community I think that what you said about church, I agree with you And maybe, if it was for me I would have... maybe... I would have given if more importance but in... like... When people feel... religious people don't feel welcomed to church because of their love interests and maybe, I think in this film they skipped that part and they made it like kind of obvious but they didn't really touch the topic so maybe if it were for me, I would have given it more attention And maybe I would have felt more attracted to it And more, more in the movie More... I don't know I would have felt it more I don't know Yeah, well, the music Sorry Okay, I think the music was really plain as well I didn't, I didn't think the music was a part of the movie I mean, I... it didn't touch me, it didn't get to me Like it wasn't a part that I cared much Well, I don't know We agree right? Like... Yes Yeah, yeah Bye!

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Posted by: magalimolist on Dec 30, 2020

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