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Ladki - Ek Social Ignorance FULL MOVIE

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Doctor Wridhimma is on her way she will be here soon *footsteps* Can i get some water? Too much traffic today. I'm in a hurry today. Send patients fast Patient number 1 *typing* *footsteps* *chair cracks* Doctor: Name? Amira: Amira Sen Doctor: Age? Amira: 28 Doctor: Yeah tell me about your problem. Amira: Ahhh . This is my case history *page turning* Doctor: Yeah. It's alright. Tell me what are you facing? Amira: Ahh, actually I miss my date *writing* Doctor: Nurse take her with you make sure all test get done. And visit me tomorrow along with the reports. I guess its a good news Amira: Oh Thank You. *footsteps out* Nurse: Patient Number 2 *footsteps* *chair cracks* Doctor: Name? ARYAN Doctor: Yeah tell me about your problem? Aryan: Doctor, my wife is pregnant. Doctor: Wow, Good Congratulation !! ahmm.. I don’t know how to explain it to you… … In our area we get the news early.. my wife came to know about it as well. ARYAN: It’s a girl. Doctor: so? ARYAN:I want an abortion. Doctor:Why? Is there any kind of complications? I mean, what I the actual problem here? ARYAN:No, Doctor. Just want the abortion. Doctor: Are you insane?! What do you think of yourself? Are you even aware of the fact that sex determination is a huge crime? Doctor: He wants to kill girls! Without them you wouldn’t be sitting here talking to me. ARYAN: I just want the abortion. Doctor:How dare you to repeat the same thing?! I’ll put you behind the bars! You are talking to a girl about killing another! What do you think of yourself! If you did not want a girl child then why did you even get married? ARYAN:No, I want a girl child. Doctor: Then, why do you want to abort it? ARYAN: She’ll get raped! *twice* I am sorry Doctor. You might come across a lot of people who seeks your help to kill their girl child, since they cannot afford her dowry or education. I might be the first one to abort his girl child because I cannot see her getting raped. Doctor, we often find us talking about girls’ growing up so we should not let them out of the house. 2018. 30th Jan. An eight months old girl got raped. The rapist was her own uncle. The only excuse he could think of is that: “He was DRUNK”. 8 months! If an eight months old child is not healthy enough then it can fit in your palm. She got raped! And yes, she got raped in her own house! Will you still say that “GIRLS ARE SAFE AT HOME”? ARYAN: 2017. 10th May. A 21 months old girl was raped! The rapist was a 40 year old man. He was of my father’s age and he raped her! Rape! Next day, 11th May. A 45 years old school owner was arrested for sexually exploiting her own daughter for the last 7 years. A father raped his own daughter! That very year, 13th May. A 10 years old girl was found pregnant with her father’s child. Haryana. 14th May of that year A girl was raped by her boyfriend and his friend. Her food pipe was found missing during the postmortem, also her private parts were attacked by sharp objects. There’s no humanity left, anymore. Upon committing a horrible act of rape, they even killed her. These were the filed cases I am talking about, there are thousand more cases which are not even filed with the fear of getting judged or defamed. And the cases which are filed took years to get justice Let’s consider Nirbhaya’s case. She was a Delhi girl, out with her boyfriend on a bus. There were six more people in the bus. They gang raped her in front of her boyfriend and threw them on the road. There was an under age boy amongst the group of rapers. Justice took four long years, but she was dead at hospital. This is our law! This is our Nation. But we have no right to talk foul about our nation’s law. Law, politics everything is our creation. We are the creators. We choose for the ministers. Do you care? Will you contribute to the this society and help it flourish? We talk about the drain being dirty, but no one steps forward to clean it. Wake up! Wake up! Will I have to keep screaming & shouting and hear no response in return? There’s a dialogue in the movie “TOILET”: “UNLESS THE PROBLEM IS OUR OWN, WHO WILL TAKE THE RESPONSIBILITY?” So are you waiting for this issue to be of your own? Doctor:No! this is not going to continue. The people watching these are the concerned citizen of out Nation. They will change! Definitely! Maybe they are changing! Is this just going to be a regular video on youtube? Isn’t anyone going to step forward to take the responsibility for bringing the change? I leave the rest on you…..

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Posted by: foveonofficial on Aug 19, 2018


A desperate father had no choice but to say something so earth-shattering to a doctor, that it shocked us to the core. It is a question that most people are afraid to voice. It is an ordeal no one wants to go through. Yet when the questions are raised, they want the voices to hush over, to lower down and be subdued like it always has been. But should we really lower our voice? Has it not been enough already? Come, let's go through this heart breaking conversation of a father desperately trying to save his unborn daughter from this unprecedented world with a doctor.
Tune in to watch Ladki, a social ignorance that will provoke us to think what we have been tabooed over.

An initiative by Team Foveon & Team Parichay

Inspired By - RJ NAVED ( Radio Mirchi )

Studio Partner - Allegro music studio

Special Thanks - Techno India, Salt Lake.

Song Used - Vande Mataram - Raghav Sachar

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