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Jacque Fresco's Legacy to Earth

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Hi everyone. It's Phil from Ecopreneur. Like and subscribe to our channel now. This allows us to create more great content on the environment for people just like you. We hope you enjoy the show. WTVJ 4 MIAMI WTVJ 4 MIAMI This is a new science, Sociocyberneering. And this is its inventor, the extraordinary Jacque Fresco. He's my guest this weekend on News Weekend. I could go through all the things that Dr. Fresco has done He's a social engineer, industrial engineer, designer, inventor...uh... consultant...was a consultant for Rotorcraft helicopter. Director of Scientific Research Laboratories Los Angeles. Designed and copyrighted various items ranging from drafting instruments to x-rays units...uh...has had works published in the Architectural Record, Popular Mechanics, Saturday Review uh...and has been a technical and psychological consultant to the motion pictures industry, member of the Air Force Design and Development Unit at Wright Field, developed the electrostatic anti-icing systems, designed prefabricated aluminum houses. What does it say in your driver's license? Hehe.... What is the occupation? Industrial Designer, Social Engineer. Does it bug you that people when they talk about Jacque Fresco in Miami say that he's someone who's too far ahead of his time. His thinking is ... we're not ready for advanced kind of thinking... not that type. Does it bug you? I imagine every creative person in every field encounters that sort of problem. No, it doesn't. I can't afford it. There's too many things that are important. What is Sociocyberneering? Sociocyberneering ...uh... is a new organization, and it represents the application of the most sophisticated forms of science and technology towards problem solving so that we can reclaim the environment and to build a way of life worthy of man to humanize society. To break away from the artificiality, the regimentation that dominates our society today. Hi, I'm Phil Toussaint, and I'm traveling to Venus, Florida to visit The Venus Project. located just near Lake Placid. This endeavor of social engineering is obscured from the public eye, but that doesn't mean people don't know about it. If you haven't heard of the Venus Project or the innovative minds behind it, you'll be surprised by their massive following which draws hundreds of thousands to millions of views for videos on their work ♫♫♪ They have worldwide support for the implementation of a resource-based economy. which would eliminate money from our society. ♪♫♪ The Venus project suggests radical changes to our current society that are bound to be resisted by the masses, but in a world threatened, if not doomed, by climate change, big ideas are needed. ♪♫♪ Is it possible to have a world without money? Does The Venus Project propose a real solution to saving our environment? It's up to you to decide on this week of the Ecospotlight show ♫♪♫ ♫♫♪♫ ♪♫♪♫ ♪♫♫♪] ♪♫♪ ♪♫♪ (Knock, knock.) ————— Hey, Roxanne. How're you doing? Hi. Phil, right? Yes, nice to meet you. Nice to meet you too. I'm glad you could make it to Venus, Florida. Would you like to walk around now? Yeah, I would love to. See what we're doing here, and see the facility. Most definitely, yeah. Great. Let's go check it out. As you probably know from your research before you got here, The Venus Project is a Non-Profit Organization, and we propose an alternative social design. We look for the root causes of the problems in this system and propose something entirely different than anything that's ever gone before. Wow! We feel it needs that to take care of our problems. Wow! This is really beautiful. Yeah... Well, it didn't look like this. This used to be a flat tomato field, and when Jacque and I moved here in 1980 we dug all the waterways and... you know, we came here to experiment with some of his... his designs, and we put up 10 buildings, Wow! and since we've been here, he... he, before he died... in 2017. You know... of course this work is all based on his background, his work in his direction and he's arrived that... Um...he did over 5,500 design sketches. We made over 400 scale models of the future. So we wanted to show how people could live in harmony with technology and nature without destroying nature. Combining best of both worlds. Yes. The Venus Project is obscured in a lush Florida landscape. There's a surprising amount of wildlife to be found here, and we had to watch out for alligators along the way. Their living quarters and research centers are easily recognizable by the concrete dome structures that you would expect to see in your latest "Star Wars" flick. The interiors possess a futuristic design too. This is the living quarter of Nate Dinwiddie, another resident at The Venus Project Headquarters. I actually first encountered a documentary

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In this EcoSpotlight episode, host Philip Toussaint ventures to The Venus Project to meet with Roxanne Meadows, a futurist who has presented their "Resource Based Economy" concept to 25 countries globally. Can a world without money work? We find out by exploring the lasting legacy of visionary thinker, Jacque Fresco.

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