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Marilyn Monroe - Sex and Passion

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Sex and Passion - Marilyn Monroe HI this is Marilyn Monroe, and i'm here to speak about what is passion. Well, while I was here on earth, of course many..human beings believe passion to be.. during sexual experiences, absolutely, exuberantly express yourself, and..'s like in that experience of the sexual experience, you just.. you come out and you sometimes're out the..limits, going beyond the, in that..moment of experience with your partner, it is like..the way your body moves..and the way you touch.. and the way you experience yourself, in that penetration, and you just have that experience.. an..and you go into it completely. that passion is that. then, I also presume that passion is what I know, what I enjoy, what I do extensively well: specific, appropriately, effectively. i'm acting, singing, dancing, whatever..whatever I enjoy, whatever brings expression, what I do: is my passion. then I presume passion to be for instance..presenting myself in a certain way, presenting myself to the world, know, what I look like, how I dress, what I wear, how I I experience myself in the presentation of myself. and that is passion. Present passion to be..the way I eat, the way..I walk, the way i..participate in this world, here before me, in what I participate in.. and what I enjoy, and do my passion. but..then I get to the dimensions and then 'nothing' that i've perceived my passion to be..exists anymore. so then, I kinda ask the question..what is passion then? because.. i'm not able to express my perceived passion to be.. in a physical sexual experience that I did on earth. I am not able to express, what I presume my passion to be, which is acting or singing.. or even posing pornographic pictures, I mean I love that.. that was, my passion, my passion..was me! in terms of expressing myself with men.. with acting, with singing, with I present myself, how I participate with people. I live perception of passion so, what I am able to say is the following: that..I know what passion is not, and.. what i've experienced in my life, that perceived passion to be..was not passion. and, I got to the dimensions..and I perceived my passion to be 'lost'. which is strange, we're able to lose anything? how does that work? until I realized.. that i've defined passion according to a..separate manifestation of myself. and not a being, an expression of me. So, how I experience passion, at the expression of myself. the passion of the expression of myself is who I am and making sure.. in every moment, that I express that as me. passion, I say it's a love for self. through that self-honesty in every moment that you experience yourself.. no matter where you are, no matter what you do. because, if we are everything.. looking at words for instance, this world, existence in it's entirety.. then how is passion able to be a separated manifestation experience of ourselves. What is passion but an self-expression of another form of self-love. but then what is self-love is the question also. What is the definition of self-love? what self-love, then not be.. also that the moment of honoring yourself.. in self-expression of yourself as who you are in every moment, in self-honesty. but there has been a this world in existence. We haven't honored ourselves in anyway whatsoever. we haven't love ourselves, we haven't found..the passion: that is us. and i'm able to say one thing, that..passion or no passion love or no love who I am is infinite. Yet, for a moment..will express ourselves, sepcificly. in terms of definition of words 'because why we're here'. thereof, you. passion, the expression..of yourself.. in honoring yourself and loving yourself. by every moment being honest with yourself, as you experience this world. No matter where you are, and no matter what you do. this passion that is you is constant. It's always here, as you. how can it 'not' be here,'re always here. Aren't you? aren't you always here? we don't die do we? therefore, we exist infinitely.. so, that passion that is who I am exists me as the expression of me. so, that..this is Marilyn Monroe. on my perspect(ive) on what is passion. Thank you very much. Please join us for discussions: Regular Interview Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More from recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for DestenI Production ©

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Marilyn Monroe Herself - personally talks about Sex and Passion and what happened to Her after she Die.

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