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This is why Egypt revolted

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All super markets are accommodating for holy Ramadan , may all your years be blessed market prices especially in the month of Ramadan, let us go and find out fish but not chicken and meat every year the prices are tremendously escalating the amer el din was 12.5 Gene the kilo the meat, the chickens, the oil everything went up in price, all the essential staples went up in price yes everything went up 30-40% lets go see the Ramadan essentials we have all the nuts and dates, In Egypt there are more than 20 kinds of dates he is describing the kinds , quality, and prices of nuts and dates. Any where form 6- 70 Gene the Kilo everything went up in price but the population will not seas to purchase May all your years be well. This is Samah Samir, El Kahira el Yom We have lived and arrived to see the price of meat go up to 120 Gene the Kilo we have broken a new world record we have arrived to one kilo of meat for 120 gene No , people will say "its the top cuts of meat!! but no the cheapest cut of meat is 70-80 Gene the Kilo ( mind you most Egyptians make a $1 a day) that's if you find the meat now the butcher will greet you with a snare wishing you a Happy holiday and he'll throw you a peace of meat that will fall like that...... and you'll have to take it inshallah now go to the butcher and try to find a kilo of meat that's if you find any We now see a chicken that cost 45 Gene we see a better verity of fowl for 75 Gene Today we see senebar (pineseeds) for 350 Gene Hazel nuts and such are 120 Gene unpitted other kinds of nuts are 50 to 70 Gene, OK People say " no... we really don't need all that" So what now, should we eat the lanterns??.. why is a kilo of meat 120 Gene? and a kilo of liver is how much? 70 to 80 gene Now go to Dubai, the most expensive country in the world a kilo of Australian meat is....,? you know this kind of meat, Yum, you BBQ it over easy one side and then the other for 30 Durham which is 45-50 Gene- Everything is more expensive,sugar, rice, oil, and that is what is being told, so is that what we need to hear? and mind you this is the pre Ramadan rhetoric What drives me insane is the argumentative complaining! You enter any supermarket & its wall to wall people. Where do they get that money?? So you get a peace of meat for 70-80 gene so you can eat it we're not talking about a gourmet meat for 250 gene people are questioning the exuberant prices of food and meats and so on, but try to go in & buy something and now people have a new question " do you have something for Ramadan?" so will eat rice, legumes, and so forth & you better get it, because you'll never know if you'll find it again If you have the money you cant find what you want, if you find what you want you don't have the money, what's crazy is, who's those people in markets? go to any grocery to buy all those goodies, tell me who are those people getting all that money??? In the same context, look at the Power Co. they claim they have 3 million customers 3Million customers that cant afford the meat the rice and all they can afford for Ramadan is something little to eat and a glass a milk and these are not the people that can afford the 30 gene meat, Brother, the 30 gene meat is un edible No this is another matter, I'm talking about essentials, what is these 120 Gene kilo meat? why is it that we are the only ones in this world my friend We will not mention the chickens the rabbits the ducks and the fowl It would be nice to have a duck for Ramadan, or even a a small fowl One moment, I would like to talk with you about the power electricity Proof, 30-40% of Egypt is without power, living in the dark So what do the power co says, " these 2-3 hours that we cut off for the power co. not to cut the power we need 17 Milliard Gene Do you know that there are 7 institutions without power for more than 2 hours?? Factories , banks, hospitals, schools, all without power, but no one says anything about it The average power bill is 1K to 2K Gene a month when we ask the power Co. "did we ever used all that ?"electricity Their reply is" It is correct" but show me the meter reading the answer is always the same the bill is correct. So you charge all this money and you cut the electricity for most of Egypt for 2 hours? This government charges us for lights but we don't have any lights You can wallk in lots of streets in Egypt and they are completely in the dark. no lights what so ever Their reply as usual is we do all we can so you would have lights for Ramadan The government taxes us to death but no one wants to answer why and our demands go unanswered the ministry of the power justify the charges but doesn't address the lack of, Man you are killing us!!!! The government takes our tax money and we get nothing in return Listen you Government, you don't know how to teach us, you don't know how to give us lights, you don't give us clean water, So what the hell doyou kow they argue, The Dept of health says that 100% of the population gets clean water they argue again, but Amr said, they are right, what they mean is that "we are not responsible for the infrastructure. when they say infrastructure it means the diagram of the infrastructure but anything outside the diagram they are not responsible for listen my friend, I live in a building on Fuad street, a big building on Fuad street and if the pluming is not in the diagram of jurisdiction the water authority is not responsible There are 18 million people that have no clean water? complaining continuing...... but wishing you a happy Ramadan so what are the Egyptian people eating on the high holiday of Ramadan?no beans no lentils , no sugar, no oil SO WHAT ARE THE EGYPTIAN PEOPLE EATING ? THEY ARE EATING THE LANTERNES

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Economic revolution of Egypt

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