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The President of Liberland received a standing ovation from dozens of US state legislators and senators at the American Legislative Exchange Council meeting in Denver, Colorado

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It is great to be among such distinguished speakers when i was young i read a book by Frederic Bastiat i'm wondering if there's anyone in the room who is familiar with ''Law''? (applause) for those of you who don't have it I kindly recommend it to you and the book starts with the words "The Law perverted''. The law I say, not only perverted from its purpose, but made entirely to contrary purpose. The law becomes a weapon of every kind of greed. Instead of checking crime The law itself is guilty of evils it is supposed to punish. If this is true, it is serious fact and moral duty requires me to call the attention of my fellow citizens to it. and when i read those lines when i was 13 i was thinking, now this is something. This is actually calling me to duty So i actually invested my life into calling other citizens to this mission. These first words have radically changed my life i began my journey to reduce government influence in people's lives i studied economy, i studied political science, i founded political party which is now in European parliament, i started publishing. and i really had hard time understanding why people don't understand how important is it to have low amount of regulation and low amount of taxation. If you look into how much does it actually influences economic growth and prosperity of the people i actually call this amount of regulation and taxation ''invisible weapons of mass economic destruction'' George Mason University, which is presented here published a report which calculated how much regulation distorted investment over the last 30 years, in America. They have come up with that over the last 30 years, 3 trilion dollars were wasted of the US economy. just to give it a perspective, that's roughly the size of German economy This is just the regulation that were enacted after 1980. It is similar of dropping an atomic bomb to California and Texas at the same time. Economy in Europe is stagnating Last year it finally reached 2008 levels, congratulation! The reason is simple- it's overtaxed and overregulated EU has enacted 2000 pages of regulations. That's 17 km of paper if you put them in line. European commission reports that its regulation hampers growth by 3.5 % of GDP a year. That means that it's actually shrinking by half of its potential every 20 years. This is how much the exponential works. It's just 3.5 % a year, and you're destroying half the continent every 20 years I truly believe if we don't have these economically disastrous policies we will be already colonizing Mars, visiting Moon. on a daily basis, running fusion thorium reactors by now. After so many years advocating this so fiercely, people started to tell me to start my own country. So i did. *laugther Liberland is the freest and youngest country in the world. between Serbia and Croatia, it was founded on Thomas Jefferson's bday I did it purposefully Liberland is hart shaped piece of land. It is exactly 7 square km. It was unclaimed by both Serbia and Croatia for more than 25 years. We are 3rd smallest sovereign country in the world, after Vatican and Monaco. After 2 years of existence it's got almost half a million people interested in citizenship of Liberland. It's running 80 representative offices across some 75 countries. I'm happy that mr. Holson is representative in Bahamas and Bermuda for us. I'm glad to have mr. Wozniak and mr. Walls, foreign minister and VP with us Please give them a hand, it takes courage. Some media refer Liberland as most ideologically empowered nation on the Earth. Because we believe in limited government and maximum personal liberty Our government is allowed to take care of justice, security and diplomacy. and nothing else. We took those ideas from the founding fathers of the United states. We want to be good example for others, and tax paradise on the planet. We believe in voluntary tax system which is a radical idea, but not new. Let me remind you that was one of the topics during the foundation of the US. Citizens contribute as much as they want, and in return they receive a part of the country. I think that's a much healthy system than what we have today No matter how many people you kill, how many banks you rob you still have the same amount of vote as somebody who is working hard for their country all life. We have taken the best parts of American and Swiss constitution and we added a little bit of corporate governance. we believe it is the best possible governance model in 21st century. but we're still open minded and we are in process of formation and if you have an opinion on how a new libertarian country should be formed, please feel free to approach me. We have upgraded traditional democratic model, which inevitably leads to more socialism. Our system is called double democracy. Corporate structure makes the decision which can be vetoed by majority of its citizens. Liberland foreign policy is based on Jefferson's quote- peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, no entangling alliances. We do not seek NATO or EU membership. We are not ready yet to make decision on UN. We plan to build an neutral and sovereign country opened to anybody. We were surprised by direct support by Serbia, only 11 days when small country was established. They essentially said they don't protest creation of Liberland, which was again, a surprisingly supportive statement. We're lucky that Serbia silently supports creation of Liberland for the last 2 years. We are also building our friendship with Croatia. We are working on selling them the idea that this country can bring them enormous economic prosperity. as of today we have 60.000 businesses signed up to be working outside of Liberland. I think that can bring as much as 1 % of GDP growth to Croatia. So, why Liberland? I really believe we need a fresh start. Fighting for the cause in our countries is important. I'still play an active role in the libertarian part i founded in Czech republic but i also believe that at some point it will become to start a new country rather than to change the existing one. You probably know the systems that we have put together in our societies, that are difficult to dismantle you probably know a quote from Ronald Reagan ''nothing is infinitive as government bureau''. I believe that progress comes through competition it comes through open markets, but these markets should be also be opened for new states. Future is decentralised and stateless. That might be coming to you as surprising statement, but i'd like to ask you how many of you have heard about bitcoin? We've got couple people, it's interesting This is the future of the finance, we have tasted it a little bit But i can tell you, that in 15-20 years you will think about bank buyer as the same way as you think of telegram. How many of you are sending telegrams? It is not just about crypto currencies and new financial systems It's also about decentralized ways we are running our societies today and it's completely brand new thing, half a year old. it is possible to run your company on completely decentralized method, without any jurisdiction. And we are happy that these types of organizations are already choosing Liberland. Ethereum today is endorsed by Mastercard, which is a great breakthrough, again, this is something you could look into. But Liberland is not just a small piece of land between Serbia and Croatia. It is about bringing people together in serious support of Liberty. Liberland is about finding the best social and technological solutions to allow radically free and prosperous society. It is about a model that can be copied anywhere on this planet. We have a long journey to go, but it's the journey that is exciting. Let me again conclude with the word of Bastiat ''Let's try liberty. Liberty which is an act of faith in God and his work'' Thank you very much. *applause

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