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Bertrand de senneville, L'Oréal - Management basis

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In the past we clearly forgot the basic meaning of management. A long time ago, when I first started at L'Oréal, the factory head would tour the site first thing every morning. Now that's proximity! By doing this, upper management set an example, and middle management clearly had an even closer relationship with the employees. This proximity made it possible to anticipate a large number of problems and to resolve them before they got out of hand. Like many companies, we took measures to streamline our operations. For instance, we have a factory that manufactures 170 million units. 30 years ago, the factory was divided into three production units. 10 years later, there were only two. 3 years ago, there was only one left. What is meant to be will be. One day the factory went on strike. The strike had nothing to do with compensation. In fact, as the organization of even this factory was deemed too large, there were no longer any on-site intermediaries. Any proximity with management had vanished completely. This is not an HR issue, but a management and organization issue. Now more than ever it is necessary to re-establish this proximity so that management has time (not to fill out never-ending reports to send to the zone, the headquarters, or corporate) to fulfill its primary mission, which is to oversee, to have a presence "on the ground." Regarding employee commitment, everyone knows that this virtue is indispensable for a healthy company, whatever its size. We know very well that we do not obtain the same results regardless of whether employees are more or less engaged. That said, employee engagement means that we have a responsibility to protect certain employee rights. When you have a corporation with strongly-committed employees, you must ban certain practices at some point. When business is bad in certain companies, their first reflex is to resort to massive lay-offs. It is impossible to preserve strong employee engagement with this type of policy.

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Posted by: cscideas on Jan 12, 2010

Bertrand de Senneville expresses his surprise regarding the evolution of local management, proximity being one of the cornerstones of a healthy company.

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