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Japanese skit

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Dupee Gil Milocco Milocco-san! Good morning! good morning~! Pardon me, your name is Gil-san, right? Yeah, it is It's nice and cool outside today, isn't it? it is. but, I'm from Boston to me, it feels nice and warm Really! Is that so! It's very cold there, isn't it? Yeah, it sure is Last month the snow was awful No way! But, wait... Don't you live in Gainesville? Your apartment is in this building, isn't it? Yes, I live here now I used to live in Boston When did you come to Gainesville? Oh, when was it...? I came here two weeks ago. Oh, is that so? So do you like it here? Yes, I really do It's quiet and peaceful But, it's lots of fun I especially like the restaurants Oh, really? I also really like the restaurants in Gainesville hey, won't you get dinner with me tonight? dinner? Let's see... Today is...what day? It's Thursday. Thursday? Err... tonight is a little... that is unfortunate but, i'm not busy right now! How does lunch sound? Oh, yes, that would be great! Do you like pizza? No, I don't like it very much. but, I love sushi Gil-san, do you? No. I don't like it. Do you like Mexican food? No, Really! Is that so! Yeah, it is. Well, what kind of food DO you like? Welllllll.... I like healthy food the most I like fruit, salad... oh, I see! To the North of this building, there's a new restaurant! Their salads are delicious! North of this building, you say? Is it far? No. It's close. How convenient! Let's go to that restaurant! Gil-san? Gil-san! Gil-san, is that you? Hello! Oh, Dupee-san! I haven't seen you in forever! How are you doing? I'm doing great, now that you're here! Let me introduce my friend. Ah, it's nice to meet you! I'm Dupee. Nice to meet you! I'm Milocco. Please treat me well, won't you? Oh, yes, please treat me well too. Milocco-san and I are going to get lunch together. Dupee-san, won't you come with us too? Lunch, you say? Where? A restaurant with delicious salads! What did you just say?? Salads? are you serious? (Agh! What did she just say!) but... there's a GOOD restaurant behind that old building over there It's lively, and it's cheap! Let's go there together! Oh, okay! Yeah, that sounds good! Welcome! How many people do you have? (3 people.**) **we forgot to film this line okay! yes, wonderful. Here is your table. (sign says Dupee-san) Let me see... I'd like a salad, please. Oh, I'm sorry, that's a little difficult... you see, I'm not your waiter. Oh, my bad. Milocco-san, where did you first meet Gil-san? Where was it...? Gil-san's apartment is in my building We met in the apartment gym Oh, I see! I just came to this town 2 weeks ago Really! is that so! You're new in town, then? Milocco-san, are you a student at UF? Yes, I am. I start taking classes in January. Oh, is that so! What's your major? My major?? It's anthropology. Oh, is that so! What about you, Gil-san? Oh, mine? It's biology. Oh, I see. Dupee-san, where did you first meet Gil-san? oh, where, you asked? last year, I was Gil-san's classmate. I'm also a student at UF. oh, is that so? is your major also Biology? uh, no. it's chemistry. Oh, I see. Excuse me, what kind of salads do you have? Salad, you said? Oh, i'm sorry, that's a little difficult... You don't have salad?? Yes, I'm very sorry. No, we want some tequila! excuse me?? 3 shots, please. what? what did you just say? It's like 12:30 P.M right now! Yeah, so?? it's five o'clock somewhere. I can't believe this is happening. Cheers! Excuse me. I NEVER drink alcohol. I'm a Mormon, hello?? Aww, that sucks. My bad! Excuse me. I'm leaving now. I'm going home. What? Why?? I have to go...brush my teeth. Bye. What, really?? So, this weekend, do you want to go out with us? Uh, sorry, that's a little.... Your friend is kinda weird, dude. Yeeeah... Yeah, he is. FIN

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