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Jacque Fresco - Comparative Values (1974)

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... from posthumous. Men are too posthumous, okay? And essentially, if you sit back, and say, well, so, in years, what we are going to do with them? It can't do a fucking thing. And so this, in history, it moves the back forth, when people undergo that change. Like, let me say another one. The sail will come when it comes. You know what i'm talking about? A lot of people rolling a boat, isn't it? How long they will roll a boat? You are under suggestions, now. And keep rolling. Why do you do in a robot culture, instead of saying don't people realize they are driving themselves into a nuclear war? And you mother says yes, it is true. But it has no investment in American radiant corporation, you know? And she doesn't know any sophisticated method of finding spaceship medals. She doesn't give a shit. Stop making weapons, you know. When your grandfather dies, he leaves a half interest in titanium. And you say where is the titanium use on submarines, space vehicle, what is the next space program based on, you see? Because she is involved. And that is why, i mentioned that students were pretty good, because they don't have any investment undergo school. Stop on board now, once get in school may work for a law firm. Titanium Incorporated. Instead of Titanium Corporation. Now chemical. They now have a vested interest. They have a holding in cargo, and they go to school. Their community that they belong to their else, that appear before people. So, all of those things reinforce their resistance. The things i teach take a rule from their life. Everything i take some care, takes things away from you, in a normal world, you see? And makes it on top on the alone people. And makes you unallowed on your work. It makes you more disagreeable. Not a fucking commodity. When i had to sell here, and that is any good. And people wanted an wonderful life in this system isn't successful. Let me say. Once someone said to me, what is Sociocyberneering? It is a long caught in order on this, based on some preference. And i said i, is it America, it is i am, in top of... Here, what i say is, instead. The whole idea of, if you want to make money, don't influence friends, and all those people, how to get along with the journalists. If you want to do that, that is another package. That is what we call living in a line. We smile on the outside, and pulse regularly, you see? When we have competence, that is what you mean. What you get is a smile, right? When you go to the right schools, when you live on the back ways of the Long Island, and they send in the you to the Finnish schools, a little girl, you see? You might be at a party, a over call smile, you see? Don't give a whole on children. You see? Whatever. Uneducated people and sophisticated people, they brought each other around. Then you go to a Greek party, Syrian party, and a Turkish party, instead of starving, you do that and this is a house? What is a better nice, you see? And they bother you right there, and you say sure, that is another nice that you do. But sophisticated people smile. And they always, if they have eclipses on something years old, you see? Jesus, and they work out and many people around, you see? And whatever he says, all that people think everyone gets along so well. What can you people do that, before you turn into a library. See that couple and smile, and familiars all around, and those things, they get along so well. Where is, rude people down the heart, some people right the way. They have less sausages. And the potential goes on people, if psychological problems, you see? So, if you don't understand what you need is not to go finishing school, and no to go so simple as the around the presence of others. All we have to attain is a point of view that doesn't leave to the point out. You know, like that kind. That means you did to somebody something that they think they want, they tried to assemble, it is on their own experience. Is that saying that, i got something to put it together. And don't, i should give you your own umbrella. This is the normal world, so what if you, if you do it yourself, and you say you didn't believe assembling our system, whatever it work in a way you can't, if i'm able to. And if you can't put it together, that is no use for anything but you. It is just because you don't have the umbrella. You see? Don't conclude. You do it, act that way. Now, you are going straight on that teacher, if you did that. If you always were identical, meaning, if you only have to behave with that person, that is enough. Let me say again, if you love your students that you work with. And you found to hurt them. Like i said yesterday. You hurt people because, whatever you instruct people, they, in the beginning, they don't come up with some levels of instruction, that they might paint their ass, you see? I would say that their umbrella, you vanish and point which was imposed. Now that was associated with criticism. Your life were shaped, it is too umbrella. And that is not a criticism. That is a, there are limitated a pencil, and showing that you attained that in fact, or a private. But it is not criticism. It is a clarification of insufficiency. That is quite different. That criticism is something like this. I took their escape and becomes and touch, and embarrassed me in the brain, you see? That is sick. You thought that was criticism, and it is sick. So, there is no sense for us to point people think, allowing that she do stupid thing in Wednesday, along the domes. There is a price doomed, you see? Now, that we got to understand that a person making their announcement has a low self sufficiency. And declines up when you are back. That is a way to get a self suficiency. You see? There is a key that is laughing. And he find it on his bag, you see? So, there are people that have no resistence. And they must prevent feel sorry for them. And in order to that, a very interesting thing is to do, sometimes if you do it right, is when the person stares on you. You might hide on you too? No. And they stared on you. And then you say now, that i feel 6 times in third grade. And you go on, and see, and then they go on, and you mean, another things to do, you are not that bad. You are that capable, you see? And you go off, laboring. Sometimes that they might get that message. And the idea is, that kind of conversation generates morbidity, depression, anger, hostility. So, normal people that come to me, that used to have therapy sessions, you see? Personal therapy. Becomes into another problem, they will always have a problem. As long as the language they inherit and hope, and surely has. I'm not that successful that i might be. I can't see and learn as fast as George. As long as we have comparative values, they will always have problems. All the voice are carrying books in stores. Now that you have in system became, they are carrying verbal system from school. All you bought is a pretty nice, and that prettiness and getting older over there. I thought that, and i get a nine shift, you see? In order to call all of those values, that you see emotions, depressions. You know, the years, the rolling goes so fast, like you want to go back to the old days. And the Saturday of the future is looking to the future. Because as the computer get bigger and wiser, it is more valuable. What i see if i can't explain a theological difficulty in this kind of subject, they have great difficulty...

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Jacque Fresco talks about comparative values (July 12, 1974)

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