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Is Marriage Necessary? Sadhguru

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So, the word marriage might have acquired a very negative aura around it in certain parts of the world now because they've some sense of very juvenile freedom marriage is a bad thing when you are young person but when you were a child it was a great thing yes or no? when you were a little child you are for the institution of marriage when you are eighteen you are against it when you are forty five again you are for it (laughs) isn't it so? when you were children did you not wish that your father mother and a stable situation existed around you? was it not a natural longing? so when you are five you are for marriage not your own somebody else's (laughs) when you are eighteen you are against because right now your physical body is in a certain mode marriage looks like a bondage... a chain you want to do things in a certain way but slowly as the body weakens once again you wish there was somebody with you in a committed way... isn't it? yes or no? this is a very a juvenile feeling that when I am strong i don't need anybody when I become weak I wish there was somebody with me now... I think partnership should be formed when you are at the peak of your wellbeing isn't it so? not when you are fallen when you are fallen if you seek a partnership you'll make bad partnerships desperate partnerships when you are well.. when you are at the peak of your life that is when you must make a partnership which will take you through all those ups and downs (laughs) but now the problem is the partnership it self is taking me down that is a complaint partnership it self is taking you down that is because of the way you are no no I am okay... its the other person that is what the problem is with you that is what is the problem with you... you think you are okay and somebody else is wrong that is the basics somewhere once in a way it so happened completely dis aligned people met and something happened maybe they need to break it it may happen but for every whim and fancy breaking the relationship is not a good thing above all you must understand body, as mind has memory physical body has its own memory this is called 'runaanubandha' you've heard of a work like this? Indian people!? Runaanubandha? Runaanubandha means its the physical memory physical body itself has its memory if it goes through certain experiences it remembers and body responds and reacts in many ways in future based on this memory physical intimacies always caused this memory in a big way and if you imprint with too many memories and there is certain level of confusion in the body you work out everything in your life still you find you do not know what it means to be blissful there is no ease there is no ease in your system because there is a complex impressions of memory in your system and it can confuse the body in such a way that it'll cause much trouble to one's life you must see first of all whether for you as a person is it such an important thing or is it just a passing thing I would say for at least 25 to 30 percent of people they need not go in that direction because it is just a passing interest for another 30 to 40 percent it may be little more long they get in to this for 10 years 12 years they feel good after that they think its a burden there are some people for whom the need is very strong that they need this another 25 - 30 percent need it for much longer period they definitely need to get into such regiments and whatever

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Sadhguru discusses various aspects of marriage and spirituality.

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