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Help us to remain free by Vincent Reynouard

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VINCENT REYNOUARD EDITORIALS Facing the brutal censorship ... free historical research needs YOU! The wave of censorship that affects us continue! After blocking our YouTube channel, we are being threatened with prosecution if we do not simply withdraw our videos. Yesterday, I received a letter from the Belgium national railways company (SNCB). It informed me that SNCB had just learned the existence of my video on youth indoctrination, video in which I had reproduced an excerpt from its documentaries. Having recalled the provisions relating to copyright, the lawyer asked me, even put me on formal notice, to stop using SNCB's websites elements, if not, legal actions would be initiated against me. The letter ended with the usual anti-revisionist verse stating that the SNCB formally condemned the denial, minimization, justification or approval of the Holocaust which are, by the way, subject to criminal prosecution, according to March 23, 1995 law. So after complaints made in France against my video, it is now in Belgium that it is mercilessly hounded. Because, no one will believe that the SNCB is suddenly interested in my videos, someone told them. To find legal means, but diverted, so that I am forced to remove the video. It must be said that this video denounces evidence to support the youth indoctrination policy on behalf of the duty of memory. This video greatly hinders the memory fanatics by revealing their tricks. Other evidence of youth indoctrination can be also easily found. This morning I was looking on YouTube the address where I had found the extract from the documentary of the SNCB. Among the videos offered, one immediately caught my attention. Listen to this young lady, who as part of the project "Train of the 1000", will participate in a trip to Auschwitz. - I think that actually seeing what happened there, I could make an opinion, even if I think that the point of view is the same as for everybody else. It's clear ! According to her at their return from Auschwitz, everyone will have the same point of view. For this lady, to reach other conclusions than those of the official thesis is inconceivable! We are in a unique thought! Further she stressed: - I think the duty of memory, thanks to this project, should get the message out, that no one is immune to a rise of the extreme right. And one will still dare to claim that the duty of memory would not serve to politically indoctrinate the youth? Well, our YouTube channels are blocked and the first video published on our new channel, based in England, was immediately censored. In this all repressive atmosphere, the publication of a magazine is of considerable advantage, unlike Internet, it does not dependent on any proxy or server that can censor overnight on a simple jewish request or else. Finally, the printouts remains a free space safe enough. That's why, despite the rapid success we've encountered on the Web, we have never abandoned the publishing of the journal "Without Concession". Far from being obsolete, printed material remain a vital tool for dissemination. A new publication, number 89, is now available. So you can judge by yourselves, we distribute a PDF document that contains the editorial and every article published in it. In order to download this PDF document, simply go to You will see that "Without Concession" is a publication supporting documentation. All the quoted documents are reproduced exactly as in our videos. You will have the pleasure not only to see, but also to examine them if you wish. Reproduction of documents brings an unmistakable efficacy to the demonstrations. Remember that unethical historical research receives NO subsidy, NO State support... the opposite happens! But, one do not do research without travel or purchase documents. What I hold in my hand is a little treasure. It's a microfilm roll from the American archives. Here it's a roll which contains transcripts of the Dachau trial in 1945. But there are others, like this. Here then, another microfilm roll. What does it contain? Preliminary interrogations of the main national socialist leaders. These interrogations are vital, because realized very early, and made without prisoners playing their heads, unlike the trial itself, the words transcribed are much closer to the truth than later statements made under pressure or for strategic reasons etc. So this is in these rolls that one can discover many truths which are occulted today. We already possessed a dozen of them. But, there are about 150 more that promise to be very very interesting. Costing $150 each, well all together that is 15,000 euros. 15,000 euros that would give us many years of work in complete freedom and the promise of explosive discoveries that would result in several books and several videos. This financial support would allow us to continue and fulfill our mission it's YOU who can bring it to us! So do not hesitate to buy "Without Concession" or to subscribe. By subscribing to "Without Concession", 1) You support hisorical research by giving it the means to continue, 2) You ensure the dissemination of the historical truth, and 3) you're offering yourself a bank documents and arguments to convince. You can also purchase publications at our catalog or simply make a donation to the revisionist cause. Together we shall overcome unfair practices employed by our opponents who try to silence us and who try to prevent us to do more historical research. Good evening and thank you all. You like our videos? Help us to continue. Give for the cause: Do not be the victims of their lies anymore. Visit our website: Translated and subtitled by didi18

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Duration: 7 minutes and 36 seconds
Year: 2016
Country: Andorra
Language: English
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Producer: Vincent Reynouard
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Posted by: didi18 on Apr 27, 2016

In this video, Reynouard reported on the censorship that strikes him (it's the turn of the SNCB (Belgian equivalent of SNCF) that threaten to bring charges against his video on the regimentation of youth), announces the availability the new issue of its review and appeals to acquire a fundamental intellectual weapon in the revisionist struggle.

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