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Let's Remember: Zelda Wind Waker - 1 le commencement

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Well, hello to everyone this is Diabl0x9 and we find ourselves in this very first episode of "Let's Remember" Zelda Wind Waker released in May 2003 Come, listen even after seven years it is still pretty amazing that it was released for Gamecube and indeed the concept for those who do not recognize the term "walkthrough" I'm afraid I'm not pronouncing that right well, it's very simple, I start the game I now comment while playing as I will until the end of the game so it could be quite long, but that's the cool thing about it well, listen it's not that surprising on Youtube [Coughs] Excuse me, I'm a bit sick on Youtube, since they block my videos at fifteen minutes so an episode lasts about fifteen minutes oh and there will be about two to three episodes the length of a week, so weekly, there you have it eh... for those who still still don't know my site, find it, know that I'm especially well known for my commentaries on the famous Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and, for those who follow me exclusively for that I invite you to the test of a few other things, though, know that it is only that in the world of video games and not, it may be that it is clear that a guy who has already spent three days on Call of Duty: Black Ops doesn't know who is more credible when I say that but it's true and for me personally it is a great pleasure to replay a masterpiece like Zelda Wind Waker where one is in command of a young boy twelve years on his island and this island and although it continues to prolong the hero's legend who was twelve years old and the day of, of a child's twelfth birthday, boys and eh... we will make a little green outfit the effigy of the hero the hero who guarded the people of Hyrule for many years a hundred years even, I want to say and when saying the game came out seven years ago but by God look at me there, it is really beautiful there is nothing to say, but it's really nice as a game, and I play on my wii actually therefore, and good image quality, of course, does not improve but to say that it dates from 2003 is frankly something truly amazing hey, Benoît you say that I can't run as fast as possible jumping in this game for those who don't know is that by simply running to the edge, the character will automatically jump in the direction you are running, it is classic to this series and we can't do anything about it but it does not necessarily make things easier, you're limited, approaching too fast from one side will make you jump when you don't want to and, in short it doesn't matter so, yes I know that many people were behind seeing the video announced talking about this series, this new series "Let's Remember" and, for me it's still one, a superb opportunity to introduce my videos to a new public or even a public that has a little collection of my Call of Duty videos but rest assured my videos of Call of Duty are not by any means finished besides for that one or two episodes, or even three times a week of "Let's Remember" also leaves room for comments on call of duty, there you have it, so we are in control of ... well, not much eh ... so to say highly, and the more it really looks to me like, it's great and we go see our Grandma Benoît, I've been waiting for you, here take these, Benoît clearly, so eh, I don't know how make the dialogue move faster I'm trying to win, I'm trying to squeeze as much into a short fifteen minutes as I can which reminds me, I will summarize conversations very very often there you have it, so I made a little bit of a weird face, and I, yeah it is true that twelve year olds don’t necessarily want to see such an old, an "oldschool" outfit for the whole day but yeah, if he only knew what he was in for so here is this, this mark, actually the day of passage to adulthood but Grandma is right, in another time it was much more significant and we'll go see the old Orco who is quite skilled, and we will learn a little bit of swordplay actually, so we will follow tradition - eh! after everything is that the way here? - eh! here is Link, it is necessary, necessary and yet we begin the story, eh really in control of a character who is not really Link compared to the Ocarina of Time or others, or we're really in the skin of the legendary hero all right, we'll go look for my sister now that eh, which is again, towards the observation tower over there ah, the little music in the houses, all that, it brings back memories we remember that, it is really crazy all right let's go [sighs] I was so busy talking and I didn't listen to what I was supposed to do therefore, there is a little familiarization with the controls, here, this is my other uncle who is a rather eh a big head, I think we can say he is really extremely intelligent and instead you will learn from him a bit of the game basics and the uncle who lives just under him, well, it's his brother and, oh a fanboy! hey, hey, say but no they are not too hot, they are my super stylish clothes and now, we'll go for Ariel the great turning point of the game, is in fact right now it was, eh, the fact that we will see you use a boat to move around from island to island, sorry and the worst thing is that this will take up time no, no it isn't even Grandma rather, its going very well for me and nothing, some girl ... her telescope that will be useful to us throughout the game even if it is supposed to be lent to me for just one day allright, we try looking at the house then, first I must select in the focus of the telescope and I put it there, here then home the mailbox, where is the mailbox? the postmaster seems to be quite alarmed and there, the drama begins so Benoît, eh, we are going to say, I can’t really say online that's why, it disturbs me, see him with his telescope a magnificent bird holding in its left claw, um apparently a little girl and a pirate ship trying to, shoot the bird this is what it will eventually succeed in doing, I think, there that's it and it dropped the poor little girl in the island's forest I give you the island; what are we going to have to do? we go look for her - OK... we go find a sword only the light is ... ah it was not very bright fanboy you'll let me go now, eh? it's good, I have something to do you will come, but why do you roll? well, simply because, it goes faster saves a lot of time and we will learn the rudiments, or the basics of swordplay oh the music, my god does it evoke the deaf? and there, something happened, do you want to learn the basics of the sword? with great pleasure - OK... I'm not too successful with the sword I have equipped yet horizontal attack wonderful and more music is played with, well with the with the strikes, it's a good effect we live with, with ah, with it, yeah with it this shows a what point combat in this way is a lot more open than many people who believe that pressing a single button is sufficient no, no, no, no, no, no there are many possible combinations that give access to many different combos oops, I got knocked over special attack when the situation arises hop and yes, and yes indeed, Link is really more in the action than in the earlier episodes and in fact was the I don't want to say something stupid, but yes, I think its the first Zelda released on Gamecube and they really managed to offer us something great with graphics aimed at "Shading" as they say, eh? this is what gives this effect a bit of an anime look and it was really something that bumped off enthusiasm a lot in people at the beginning then when in reality, finally there, it offers me the sword of heroes, great and in fact, it was a true revolution and it was really appreciated so, so, so much especially something that has retained much of the spirit it is the effect, the effect of smoke so I do not know if I broke a pot, if that's going to do, not and, we'll definitely talk later about the historical effect of smoke, the explosions are in fact, a little Chinese, yeah that really makes the game quite exceptional, no, and then the colors are really beautiful now that I have the sword, I think I'm very certain I have to go save the small girl, but before that I can't go away on an adventure like this one without a means of protection, so... no! okay, that's it, I've already landed allright Grandma no, then it's later, now I'll go get the shield, I understand completely go, rolling, rolling, rolling, and I think I'll be able to untangle myself with with my sword, demons I hope shit that's it, that's exactly what I was talking about I wasn't wanting to jump, but was forced to by hurrying a little too much no, again the fanboy and, there is the pirate ship over there; and I didn't even see it, I never paid attention it's funny because, in addition to that we rediscover the game, also we get to see the characters but it's great, OK... let's go save that girl we arrive at the top of the island look at me there isn't it gorgeous? and go blahlahlah excuse me, we'll do it again, three, four and it is on this beautiful view that I'll leave you for now with this first episode of "Let's Remember" Zelda Wind Waker leave me your impressions in the comments, try to keep a bit of an open mind and pity for all that want, that want, that want Call of Duty, don't worry it will always be there in the meantime, I will announce the next episode soon certainly, what's today? it's Thursday certainly this weekend, Saturday or Sunday for the second part meanwhile take care of yourselves, and do not forget to subscribe to my site it's very easy, it's free, and you can follow these episodes of "Let's Remember" it's the easiest way to go, goodbye all

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Un "walkthrough" du jeu vidéo Zelda Wind Waker provient de YouTube par Diabl0x9. C'est la première partie de 25.

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